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Aug 28th

portland hipsters

Minor League Baseball Team Wears Awful Portlandia-Inspired Uniforms

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Fri, 08.28.15 at 4:44pm

Oregon is so renown for its hipster reputation that its Class A Chicago Cubs minor league affiliate, the Eugene Emeralds, took it to the next level and wore Portlandia-inspired uniforms at their game last night that consisted of plaid patterned tops...

Subal Burman

Meet The Farmer Who Has Lived Naked For Almost 40 Years Because He Is Allergic To Clothing

Written by
Fri, 08.28.15 at 4:21pm

SWEET FRIDAY, BRING US THE GOODS. I love this story. According to The Mirror, a man in northern India named Subal Burman has a skin condition that looks totally fine from an outside perspective, but is so incredibly sensitive that...


Kanye Cosplay

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Fri, 08.28.15 at 3:49pm

Have you guys been thinking about getting some dope jungle style combat boots to further complete your Kanye cosplay? Well, save up some money and maintain a strong relationship with your favorite proxy so come early September so you can...

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jcrew basics

J.Crew Is Shifting Focus Back To Basics

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Fri, 08.28.15 at 2:59pm

J.Crew has been straight up struggle central recently. Examples include, but are not limited to: Mickey Drexler catching the fade, execs seen celebrating after a round of layoffs and analysts confirming that the company was heading down a bad path....


2500 For The Coat

Written by
Fri, 08.28.15 at 2:15pm

Wow, this might be my new favorite coat until I have to look at roughly fifteen hundred other coats over the course of the fall/winter season and I fall in love roughly eleven hundred times. Maybe I had such a...


Patta x Levi’s Is On Acid

Written by
Fri, 08.28.15 at 1:25pm

Large ’90s silhouettes like baggy as fuck pants are back, but we’re all sleeping on the huge comeback of acid wash shit, which is why Patta’s collab with Levi’s is great. It’s basically all Bon Jovi-ed out everything, full of...


Chet’s Annual White Party

Written by
Fri, 08.28.15 at 12:48pm

Oh shit, peep these Nike Tennis Classics. Sure, these sneakers probably actually existed before, but I don’t give a fuck. I never really fucked with tennis because I was super bad at it. Like, fuck a backhand and having to...

black clothing

The Easiest Way To Be Viewed As More Attractive Or Smarter? Wear Black

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Fri, 08.28.15 at 12:19pm

The relationship between the worlds of fashion and color is intense. Palettes change rapidly. Pastels are in one season, then jewel tones take off the next. Spring means brighter shades, while fall means muted earth colors. But there is one...


We’re All A Little Off Ourselves

Written by
Fri, 08.28.15 at 11:49am

This shirt from CdG Homme Plus is a little off, a little asymmetric. But that’s okay. We’re all a little off ourselves. For example, my glasses will never be completely level on my face because I’m pretty sure one of...

style vogue

Vogue Runway Launches Monday, New Style Dot Com Set For Next Year

Written by
Fri, 08.28.15 at 11:21am

With Style Dot Com officially shuttering, Vogue Runway is about to become the go-to spot for runway shots and fortunately for everyone, it launches on Monday. It’s not just going to be a porting over of typical Style Dot Com...