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range rover costanza

Khloe Kardashian Wraps Her Range Rover In “Sean John” Velvet Suit

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Tue, 09.29.15 at 2:09pm

We aren’t ones to bring you Kardashian news, unless it’s somehow related to Kanye, of course. We’re not going to bring you the latest update on Kylie’s lips or even that many of Kendall’s escapades as one of the world’s ...

skarp laser razor

New Razor Uses Lasers To Shave Your Face

Written by
Mon, 09.28.15 at 10:53am

Do people still shave with straight razors anymore? I thought we all just transitioned to electric beard trimmers or some ridiculously bladed face machete to control our stubble or lack thereof. But apparently, there is a need for a new ...


Belts Are Trash And They’re Slowly Killing Us, So Why Do We Wear Them?

Written by
Thu, 09.24.15 at 1:23pm

Here’s your chance to actually learn something today, so pay attention. Freakonomics dropped a podcast on us about belts. Sounds super fucking boring, right? You’re wrong. You probably have worn a belt before in the interest of holding up your ...

freka facemasks

Brand Launches “Fashionable Facemasks” To Breathe Purified Air

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Thu, 09.24.15 at 12:00pm

We’ve seen similar items like surgical facemasks worn as a fashion statement before. They’re almost vital in pollution-ravaged cities in Asia, but some people have taken to wearing them as a piece of their tfit. We never figured someone would ...


Expanding Your Purview Beyond Just Clothing With Mostly Pointless Novelty Items

Written by
Wed, 09.23.15 at 4:31pm

This glasses holder from Candy Design & Works is the move if you wear glasses or own sunglasses, so, like, everyone. You guys really have to expand your purview beyond just clothing with mostly pointless novelty items. It’s cool to ...


Palace Beanies For 14-Year-Old You

Written by
Fri, 09.18.15 at 1:58pm

Palace came through with the “If you ain’t there, you ain’t fucking nowhere” beanies and cotdamn does 14-year-old me wish I could wear these to school on some low-key disobedient tip. Like, I’m wearing a beanie to school that implies ...


Scathing Yelp Reviews

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Tue, 09.15.15 at 2:45pm

Nick Grant and I have this email and text thread that is just us talking about black, full brimmed hats. Most of the time it’s like, “Damn, how the fuck are we gonna pull off hats like these in the ...


Vape With Opening Ceremony

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Mon, 09.14.15 at 4:46pm

Have you not found the proper fashoin-approved vaping instrument yet? I occasionally see people walking down the street with their vape and it looks like they’re literally inhaling out of a fucking lightsaber or some shit—very intrusive and overly complicted. ...


This Is For Children?

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Fri, 09.11.15 at 12:49pm

Did you ever read/watch Peanuts? The original one. I never did until super recently (don’t ask, I’m going through some shit) and I don’t understand how a cartoon about a kid and his dog and his smelly mate and weird ...


Jo-Ann Fabrics Bangers

Written by
Wed, 09.09.15 at 4:59pm

This heather blue US Navy hat from orSlow would be a nice addition to your bucket hat rotation. You guys really gotta appreciate textiles more. That’s how fashion insiders set themselves apart from people who just, like, really enjoy fashion. ...