Expensive Umbrellas And Baller Crocodiles

Whoa, these Oliver Ruuger umbrellas are straight drug dealer chic. The handles all have some sort of exotic reptile skin wrapped around them. LNCC has, like, 17 facts on the construction and materials used for these umbrellas in the product description, which is a TON of information for a fucking umbrella. But these aren’t your normal umbrellas, you basic son of a bitch. These umbrellas cost 1600 GBP—that's $2400! Evidently, Nile crocodiles are the most baller of all the crocodiles. Who knew? Oliver Ruuger, that’s who.

  • Themediabull

    Would rather cop the super ignorant McQueen skull handle umbrella. But on the real side – umbrellas are MEANT TO BE LOST. Therefore I never buy an umbrella for more than 10$