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Typos & Tangents

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 4:35pm

Exactly 78 shouts to my fam at The Hill-Side for making some lightweight, soft brim hats for the summertime, like this sashiko 6-panel. Soft brim hats are so fucking dope, dawgs. You can flip them up, bend them, wear them ...


Wear It Low To Hide The Disdain In Your Eyes

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 2:54pm

The denim half of the Carhartt WIP x Slam Jam collaboration has dropped and my favorite piece is the bucket, naturally. I like this one because it’s got some Coolmax fabric, a reversible bandanna print liner and because it’s, well, ...


Would You Wear Tech If It Actually Fit?

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Fri, 03.27.15 at 12:44pm

One of the biggest critiques of wearable tech, aside from the fact that they’re all totally fucking swagless, is that they’re typically so universal when it comes to their sizing that they never really fit, especially when it comes to ...

apple watch

Apple Is Training Its Staff To Give Fashion Advice For The Apple Watch Release

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Thu, 03.26.15 at 3:22pm

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is training its staff to dole out fashion advice to customers when it comes to selling the highly-anticipated Apple Watch, which releases on April 24th. The company has given employees a training regimen based around a ...


Larose Paris Launches Webstore

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Thu, 03.26.15 at 2:53pm

Now you can buy Larose Paris hats directly from their very own online shop. It’s like when you finally can call the drug dealer directly instead of constantly calling your friend, who would then call the dealer, who would then ...


Cultured Clutches

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Wed, 03.25.15 at 3:28pm

Damn, the homie Mikael Kennedy is like the Indiana Jones of this antique rugs shit. Now, he’s letting people make clutches from 100 year old rug scraps. Yo, that is such a strong anecdote for a foldover clutch. Imagine you ...


How To Wear A Fanny Pack Like A Little Less Of A Nerd

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Mon, 03.23.15 at 5:13pm

It’s well established by this point that South2West8 makes the best fanny packs. Did our English readers get a kick out of reading “fanny packs”? I wouldn’t actually wear this around my waist like a gigantic fucking nerd, but across ...


Spoiler Alert: Some Of Your Friends Will Most Likely Laugh At Your Funeral

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Thu, 03.19.15 at 5:10pm

Obviously, Hender Scheme makes super expensive, super fire leather bootlegs. We all want the “Jordan IVs,” but I’m not sure any of us have the balls to pull the trigger. Actually, I’m not sure any of us have the balls ...


Completely Unnecessary Hangers More Expensive Than The Clothes You’ll Put On Them

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Tue, 03.17.15 at 4:55pm

What’s your closet situation look like? How many dry cleaner wire hangers do you have holding up your shirts? Do you even have a closet or are you forced to put everything in a dresser where they’re hidden from nosy ...


Late ’90s Bad Boy Records Backup Dancer

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Tue, 03.17.15 at 1:02pm

Fuck, Gentry killed it with these custom hats from paa. OD green and black nylon with the contrast orange underbill? C’mon son, this is pretty much a no brainer. To top it all off, they threw a snapback on this ...