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Two Of Life’s Simplest Pleasures

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Wed, 01.28.15 at 2:48pm

These pizza tees, stickers and pins combine two of life’s simplest pleasures: pizza, the food, and logo flips, which everybody loves despite claiming not to. The gear is a collaboration between OG SuFu personality/brand Day Waste and “an artist who ...


Getting Big-Timed In Front Of A Sexy Sales Associate

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Wed, 01.28.15 at 12:22pm

I have a confession to make. In college, there was a Lacoste shop-in-shop at the local Bloomingdale’s. I can’t really remember because my brain is so full of cannabis and knowledge I obtained while in school, but I do remember ...


Good Business Acumen

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Wed, 01.21.15 at 5:35pm

Check out this $612 dollar backpack from Bedwin & The Heartbreakers. It’s dope because it’s got molle webbing and two pockets on the back. Don’t complain about the price, for a couple of reasons: One, no one likes someone who ...


You Need Some Expensive Shit To Put On Your Wrists

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Tue, 01.20.15 at 5:05pm

Gentry gets it. Not only do you need dope clothes and shoes and the occasional bucket hat, but you need some expensive shit to put on your wrists. Take for example this Larry Smith sterling silver bracelet. I know for ...


The Fire Lifestyle Of Italian Sheep

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Fri, 01.16.15 at 4:03pm

KNEW KNOTTERY ALERT! KNEW KNOTTERY ALERT! And don’t be like, “Ugh, another typo in a Four Pins post.” That typo was on purpose, okay? It’s supposed to be clever. I bet you bitches complain all the time when your professors ...

lets build fam

What Do You Build With Your Fam?

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Fri, 01.16.15 at 1:08pm

I love how pins are making a major comeback. I’ve actually started to collect a very dope assortment of pins to stud onto my jean jackets and the lapels on my coats. While I figure out the best mix of pins ...

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Don’t You Wish You Could Drop Singles?

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Thu, 01.15.15 at 4:37pm

Meyvn beamed over their latest lookbook featuring their in-house collection of scarves and hats. The scarves were made by Stock MFG in Chicago and the hats by Knickerbocker MFG in New York. Shouts to the bucket hats and the big ...


FairEnds Gets Buckets

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Thu, 01.15.15 at 11:17am

OH SNAP, FAIRENDS MAKES BUCKET HATS NOW? SORRY, OTHER BUCKET HAT MANUFACTURERS. I feel like those two sentences are the only sentences required to announce these bucket hats, but you guys come here for a bit more than that. LOLZ, ...


Bodega’s 10 Crack Commandments

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Fri, 01.09.15 at 2:54pm

Man, I really want to buy this Bodega crack commandments mug and tee pack. One, Biggie. Two, cocaine references. Three, I like fancy mugs. I’m getting older now, people, and I really appreciate sitting in my apartment, sipping coffee out ...


Samantha Was The Dope One, Right?

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Thu, 01.08.15 at 3:17pm

If you’re anything like me, you don’t really need a croc-embossed tote bag in your life. But if you’re anything like me, you also kind of really need it in your life, you know? A lot of you probably think ...