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Expand Your Necklace Game

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Thu, 08.20.15 at 11:54am

I’m down with beaded necklaces, I really am. But you guys gotta expand your necklace game from just turquoise. Yes, I realize assuming you guys own any necklaces, beaded or not, is a fairly big assumption, but I don’t really ...

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Not Allowed To Have A Credit Card

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Wed, 08.19.15 at 4:05pm

I’m sorry, but Head Porter’s 3 Way bag is the best bag in the whole fucking world. That’s a BOLD statement that I will inevitably have to walk back, but not now, not in this post. Instead, I’m gonna be ...


All Aboard The Big Ass Hat Train

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Tue, 08.18.15 at 1:27pm

Guys, I’m all aboard the big ass hat train for this fall and winter. Why? Because Future’s been wearing big ass hats and he looks so fucking cool. Now, I realize that we’re just normal men and Future is fucking ...


The Child You Not So Secretly Love More

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Mon, 08.17.15 at 3:31pm

Not only do these reversible Norse Projects bucket hats (available in navy and green) have two different colors, but also two different fabrics: cotton and wool, assuming you guys don’t feel like reading the product copy. You guys ever notice ...


Technically “Trucker Caps”

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Fri, 08.14.15 at 1:55pm

These hats from Norse Projects (available in black/navy and navy/grey) are technically called “trucker caps,” but I’m afraid if we stick to that categorization no one will see how dope the contrast colors are and how these could really set ...


Thom Browne And Harry’s Deliver A Gold Standard Shave GET IT LMAO

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Fri, 08.14.15 at 1:31pm

My current facial hair situation involves scraggly whiskers and an embarrassingly thick shrub of neck beard. I don’t shave regularly and when I do it’s with a piece of shit electric razor that pushes me just past “presentable” based on ...

Wireless Armour

Anti-Radiation Underwear Is Finally Here

Written by
Thu, 08.13.15 at 2:23pm

I’m all for a solid conspiracy theory and this breaking new development is the perfect article of clothing to quench my thirst. A British scientist has developed anti-radiation underwear to protect your junk from the dangerous and violent waves your ...

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Larose Paris Goes Noir

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Thu, 08.13.15 at 12:26pm

I don’t know about you guys, but I never noticed that Larose Paris has never made a black hat. I guess I just really do’’t pay attention to detail as much as I’d like to believe I do even when ...


Never Chase After Your Hat As It Blows Down The Street Ever Again

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Wed, 08.12.15 at 4:56pm

Damn, I was thinking this panama hat from Kiriko was going to cost you brokebois, like, at least 200 bucks, but it’s only $98. That’s a hell of a deal considering that this hat has a dope, unique band and ...


Hender Scheme’s Caps Are For Those With Good And Expensive Taste

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Wed, 08.12.15 at 2:01pm

Hender Scheme isn’t just the fanciest Canal Street bootlegger on the planet. Nah, my man Ryo Kashiwazaki also makes these animal skin hats that start at $233. Do you guys ever fall for the “starting at” price scheme? Like, of course ...