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Vapid Responses In The Chamber

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Tue, 06.30.15 at 10:55am

This Arpenteur hat is 55% linen and 45% cotton. Linen/cotton hybrid fabrics are clearly some of my favorite fabrics in the world. Do you guys have favorite fabrics or materials? How else do you answer questions like, “Describe your style?” ...


Neuron Functionality

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Mon, 06.29.15 at 1:49pm

Is there really much that needs to be typed below the photos of a Nike bucket hat? If Nike bucket hats don’t make you think of summer and Slurpees and generally making poor decisions in really amazing weather, then I’m ...


Thizz Face

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Wed, 06.24.15 at 3:43pm

Port Freemans is a random brand that was brought to my attention via email. Email is a good way of getting random ass brands brought to your attention. In particular, brands that make affordable Goyard dad hat rips and a ...


Google Alerts For Degenerates

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Mon, 06.22.15 at 4:03pm

DENIM BUCKET HAT ALERT. I’m sure, like, 3 of you guys have a denim bucket hat Google Alert, which, actually, probably wouldn’t even be close to the weirdest one you degenerates have set up. Technically speaking, this hat from Concepts ...

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Driving Home With One Eye Closed, Or Is It One Eye Open?

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Fri, 06.19.15 at 3:52pm

Garrett Leight makes these tortoiseshell sunglasses, but the real takeaway should be that tortoiseshell sunglasses are pretty much a safe bet no matter who you are. Obviously, this is a super classic shape and design, but sometimes the best thing ...


Beyond Justification

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Fri, 06.19.15 at 12:11pm

$260 is a lot of money for a canvas tote. In a way, it’s almost beyond justification. But, like, no one ever asks how much someone paid for a canvas tote anyways, so you won’t have to admit it to ...

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Larose Paris Fall/Winter 2015 Already Knows Your Order

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Thu, 06.18.15 at 3:46pm

The Larose Paris squadron beamed over their Fall/Winter 15 lookbook shot by the homie Ryan Kibler, featuring the brand’s signature fedora and short brim caps and a new look for the season, the short brimmed fedora. For me, the Casentino ...


The Worst Barbecue You’ve Ever Attended

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Mon, 06.15.15 at 4:10pm

As a collective, are we fucking with bandanas at all? I think I might fuck with bandanas this summer. Life hack: throw a bandana in some ice water or even in the freezer. Then when your extremely caucasian friends throw ...


Arrested While Buying Pizza Rolls

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Mon, 06.15.15 at 2:52pm

Damn, Foot The Coacher and Porter made this super tech, super luxe, super $820 backpack. I want this so I can wear some dope, murdered-out technical outfit and steal proprietary technology from major multinational corporations to sell on the deep ...


Inside The World Of Hermès’ Birkin Bag, The Ultimate Grail

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Thu, 06.11.15 at 12:28pm

A couple weeks back, it came to light just how Hermès sells so well despite its bare-bones, archaic approach to luxury. While we recognize Hermès as one of the most renown and upscale houses in the industry, it has become known ...