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The Only Things We Do Are Drugs And Think About Ourselves

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Wed, 06.10.15 at 12:45pm

This nonnative oversized bucket made from linen ripstop might be my favorite bucket hat of the season. Fuck, maybe the last couple seasons. This is very much an overworked parent on vacation in Florida style bucket. The giant brim maximizes ...


Struggle Trips

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Tue, 06.09.15 at 4:52pm

Shout out d’emploi who just beamed over the lookbook featuring their new Pilot Collection. The duffel with the full leather bottom is fucking dope. You guys have any fun trips planned this summer? Me neither. I’m trying to pretend a ...

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Don’t Overcomplicate Your Face

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Fri, 06.05.15 at 4:12pm

These Sun Buddies shades are pretty simple and minimal, but you know what? Your face really isn’t the place to try and overcomplicate things. UV rays are out here, man. You gotta protect your shit with some Carl Zeiss lenses ...

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Almost Perfect

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Thu, 06.04.15 at 2:32pm

Lately, any time I get an email from Larose Paris, I try and pronounce it the same way Natalie La Rose says her name before she starts singing. The syllable counts don’t really match up so it’s a bit of ...


Sometimes A Cactus Is Just A Cactus

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Wed, 06.03.15 at 3:58pm

Inventory had this pin set made by whoever the fuck makes pins and Mohawk General Store is selling it for just $35. There’s a pin referencing Robert Bresson’s Pickpocket, a cactus and I’m sure all layout nerds will recognize the ...


Inevitable Clickbait

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Mon, 06.01.15 at 5:08pm

This bag from Briefing has a compact umbrella compartment with ventilation eyelets. That right there is the kind of useless, but fucking awesome detail that convinces me to buy four hundred forty four dollar bags. Wait, $444? That is an ...


Dad Caps

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Mon, 06.01.15 at 3:35pm

Have you guys given into the Dad Cap yet? As we’ve already mentioned today, there’s no better time to be a Cool Dadâ„¢ than the present. It’s well established that dads wear different hats than the rest of us. It’s ...


The Original Lifestyle Flex

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Mon, 06.01.15 at 3:05pm

Marvis is the original lifestyle flex. I love when people come over my house and notice all the quiet flex bombs scattered throughout my apartment. YEAH BITCH, YOU’RE WASHING YOUR HANDS WITH SOME ARTISANAL SOAP AND I GOT A MURDERED ...

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DRxFairEnds Is One Of A Kind

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Fri, 05.29.15 at 4:20pm

FairEnds just sent over a bunch of shots of their latest collection, a collaborative series with DRx. Darren Romanelli and FairEnds reworked a bunch of sourced material from vintage Levi’s, Nike Destroyer jackets, work pants and military jackets to make ...


Projecting A Strong Front To Your Neighbors

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Mon, 05.18.15 at 2:11pm

Do you guys have a strong reputation in your apartment building? I’ve lived in mine for a long ass time now and it’s a pretty close knit building. We have, like, board meetings with gratis refreshments (aka the true sign ...