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It Takes Money To Make Money

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Tue, 02.17.15 at 12:14pm

Bianca Chandon steady out here making a bunch of stuff I would totally buy if I had an extra hundo plus shipping and handling burning a hole in my pocket. Sometimes I feel like if I had a dope bucket ...


That Hunter S. Thompson Lifestyle

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Thu, 02.12.15 at 1:46pm

Shouts to this linen EG bucket hat. Buckets like this are fucking essential to living that Hunter S. Thompson lifestyle. One time, my best friend and I were planning a road trip and we were like, “Let’s get a briefcase ...


Halfway Between Respectable And Ridiculous

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 5:24pm

Shout out to this floppy ass Kijima Takayuki bucket hat. This bucket is like the halfway step between a respectable bucket hat and a full-blown ridiculous floppy hat that everyone acts like they hate, but really want to see if ...


Animorphing Into A Duck

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Fri, 02.06.15 at 4:39pm

These bags from Ficouture can be worn as a backpack, carried like a duffel bag or even packed up into a smaller bag. I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for convertible bags like this. I NEVER convert the ...


Why Are Menswear Nerds Buying Doomsday Survival Gear?

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Fri, 02.06.15 at 2:21pm

The Business of Fashion explored the nascent techwear trend in menswear. Basically, they want to know why are all these fashion bros are out here buying clothing that is meant to survive the fucking apocalypse? I guess a good portion ...


Skiing Is How Rich People Die

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Thu, 02.05.15 at 5:05pm

You guys are probably like, “Shit, Jon’s finally lost it. We’ve been having him look at product on the Internet for way too long. He’s seriously writing about goggles right now. If you think about it, we’re all slightly culpable ...


Fancy Scents Stuck On Fancy Sticks

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Thu, 02.05.15 at 1:00pm

Neighborhood always has dope incense and incense accessories. I’ve been to their store in Tokyo *FLEX BOMB* and it smells very nice. This package of incense is made in collaboration with Kuumba and the specific scent is called “Pacific.” I’m ...


Chinese Post-Postmodern Malls

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Tue, 02.03.15 at 1:46pm

Y-3 JUST CAME THROUGH WITH YOUR BUCKET HAT FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER, FAM. I have a bunch of family in China. In fact, it’s, like, half of my family, so I’ve been over there more than a handful of times. ...

man bags

Man Bag Business Is Booming

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Fri, 01.30.15 at 10:37am

Every season, designers send their models down the runway kitted up heavy with a lot of shit we likely never end up wearing. It’s a function of showing off the collection with a full vision. While I tend to gloss ...


An Endless Treadmill Of Purchases

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Thu, 01.29.15 at 3:42pm

I love me a good tote bag. They’re just so fucking useful. I’m all about kind of expensive, but not totally outrageously priced tote bags. But if I’m gonna spend more than 25 bucks on a tote bag, I want ...