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Larose Paris SS15 lookbook 4

Larose Paris Spring/Summer 2015 Will Distract From Your Terrifying Visage

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 1:43pm

A panic sets in on me right around the time I get S/S 15 collection emails because that’s the exact moment I realize I’ve spent all my money and I have to figure out a way to pay for a ...


Championing Idiosyncratic Looks

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 12:15pm

I wrote about some gold croakies a while back, but that particular number featured large links and, like, you might not feel comfortable flexing that hard. These new croakies from Super are a little more pared down. SOTO calls these ...

leto fanny pack

Jared Leto, Fanny Pack Salesman

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 11:50am

Jared Leto is a god, right? Like, what other guy out there could pull off being both a lead singer of a relatively big-name garbage rock band, then go right ahead and win an Oscar for playing an HIV-positive trans ...


The Most Ridiculous Products (And A Few Other Things) Of 2014

Written by
Tue, 01.06.15 at 1:31pm

From the overpriced, to the overrated, to the downright ridiculous. ...


Indiana Jawnz

Written by
Mon, 01.05.15 at 2:45pm

After a break of sorts, I’m starting to fuck heavily with goofy little bags like this one from Slow. I used to fuck heavily with satchels and shit in college, but that was college. You can do whatever the fuck ...


Girlfriends Be Reading

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Mon, 01.05.15 at 1:34pm

Yo, you guys read books? My girlfriend is always reading books. I tell her the reason I’m always watching literally fucking anything on television is because I read and write for a living. But c’mon, “reading and writing for a ...


Bucket Hat Sub-Genres

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Tue, 12.23.14 at 1:23pm

I wasn’t even aware of this sub-genre of bucket hats called the “tulip” hat. These particular hats from Decho are kind of fire, aren’t they? All I want to do is keep a soft pack of Newports in one of ...


Good For Office Synergy

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Mon, 12.22.14 at 4:57pm

NEW PICA POST ALERT NEW PICA POST ALERT. You fuckfaces need more ‘zines in your life. You need to hold something tangible in your hands so you can feel alive again. Why not a small publication that is super English ...


Become A Better Human Before You Buy Nice Things

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Mon, 12.22.14 at 4:07pm

Damn, Good Worth out here making stuff I didn’t even know I wanted, like these lighter cases. Do you guys fuck with BIC lighters? You guys probably have one of those cool Zippo lighters that cool guys with cool haircuts have. ...


Two Socioeconomic Rungs Up

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Thu, 12.18.14 at 12:13pm

Drake’s is one of those companies that makes accessories that I envision myself wearing if I were just, like, two socioeconomic rungs up from my current station in life. Like, the baseline stuff would remain the same, but I’d just ...