Tech Gauche Crack

Yo for real these MouseRugs are decidedly straight tech gauche crack. Yeah, I just made up a brand new genre of product. Woz, get at me, breh. Products that are cheap as shit, but attempt to look fancy are kind of the wave as long as we're not talking about garments. I don't even think anyone still uses mouse pads anymore, but at this point uselessness is not a good argument for why you don't want to buy something. Plus, if you're even considering buying a mouse pad that looks like a Persian rug, chances are you're no where even remotely near buying a real Persian rug anyway.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Peeped these in a little tech store in Brooklyn this weekend.

    Felt like hey had been there since the eighties.

    Didn’t get one because they only had doot colors left but these are pretty hot.They’ve definitely been around for a minute.

  • W.T. Fuckery

    …Dudes I’m pretty sure my mother has the one in slide 10 in her office…you might be slippin. Either that or my mom is prescient as fuck…