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elevenparis lawsuit

Jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye, Pharrell And Rihanna Are All Suing This One Clothing Company

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Thu, 10.08.15 at 2:32pm

French clothing company ElevenParis has been slapped with a lawsuit by some of the biggest names in the music industry. Jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye, Pharrell and Rihanna—essentially the Illuminati—are all listed as the plaintiffs on a complaint toward ElevenParis for ...


You Can Now Buy “Netflix And Chill” Condoms

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Wed, 10.07.15 at 5:39pm

No meme has died a quicker death than “Netflix and chill.” How long has it even been? Like, two weeks maybe? R.I.P. “Netflix and chill” September 2015-October 2015. If the phrase already expired, it’s currently being beaten like a dead ...

zach miko target plus size

Meet Target’s Sole Plus-Size Male Model

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Wed, 10.07.15 at 5:18pm

Fashion’s problems with diversity of all kinds are well documented. Even though “Dad bod” swept the nation and average, slightly pudgy guys have been empowered, there’s still a big hurdle to clear in the world of the plus-size male model. ...

refugee photoshoot

Photographer Shoots Refugee-Inspired Fashion Editorial, Response Is Justifiable Outrage

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Wed, 10.07.15 at 12:06pm

If you’ve been following world news at all, you may have heard about the refugee and migrant crisis currently happening in Europe. There are a lot of layers to this and it’s best if you take a look over some ...

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.08.34 AM

The Best Quotes From Kanye West’s SHOWstudio Interview, Plus The Entire Two-Hour Video

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Tue, 10.06.15 at 11:44am

Kanye sat down with the people at SHOWstudio this morning for easily one of his longest, most in-depth interviews in quite some time, taking questions from common folk like ourselves, celebrities and others. As Kanye tends to do, it covered ...

lacoste shoess

Police Are Searching For The College Girls Who Stole A Bro’s Lacoste Shoes

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Tue, 10.06.15 at 10:12am

Perhaps you are in college, have been to college or have seen movies set in college. Sometimes, when confined to areas where many 20-somethings congregated, such as dorms or apartment buildings, they do some pretty stupid shit. Sometimes, a couple of girls will ...

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.44.09 AM

These Guys Make Thousands Waiting In Line For People

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Mon, 10.05.15 at 12:39pm

I don’t know how we missed this last week, but Salon produced a short clip about Same Old Line Dudes, our old friends and a small company based in New York City founded solely on the basis that people will pay ...


27 Ways “27 Ways To Be A Modern Man” Is Complete And Utter Bullshit

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Thu, 10.01.15 at 12:45pm

I honestly don’t know what was going on at The New York Times for this bullshit op-ed, “27 Ways to Be a Modern Man,” to have been printed. I think the only thing more tired in the canon of “Men’s ...

beard transplants

Modern Medicine Has Made The Beard Transplant Possible

Written by
Thu, 10.01.15 at 11:24am

It’s getting closer to winter and we all know that the actual final layer on your fit is a nice swath of facial hair. Unfortunately, for the genetically lacking among us, not every man can grow a formidable beard. It’s ...

millennials on phones

SHOCKING: Millennials Are Ruining Marketing

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Wed, 09.30.15 at 12:57pm

Ahhh, we love us a good New York Times trend piece, especially when it’s about us, millennials. This one is about how we, the worst generation, spends a lot of time on our phones, watching videos and doing our best to ...