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The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily Caucasian) At The 2015 NBA Draft

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Fri, 06.26.15 at 12:13pm

Ball so hard. ...

fresh dressed

Fresh Dressed And The Relationship Between Hip-Hop And Fashion

Written by
Wed, 06.24.15 at 12:25pm

The relationship between hip-hop and style goes back much further than the blogs informing us about what Kanye West or A$AP Rocky wore to some event last night do. For a burgeoning section of the style-inclined, who probably have more ...


Fashion Law Degrees Are Now A Reality

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Tue, 06.23.15 at 11:10am

A while back, we covered an essay about the developing landscape of fashion law. It’s a niche area that didn’t necessarily get a ton of attention as fashion hasn’t been take all that seriously when it comes to matters of ...


Canada Shit On Me

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Mon, 06.22.15 at 12:52pm

“I’m in my M6 Beamer, this is no 645. Like a pigeon in the sky, I just shitted on your ride.” – Gucci Mane, “Dope Boys“ Today I leave Toronto. I’m looking at a blonde woman chew the remaining non-crust ...


It’s Official, John Mayer Is A Gigantic Fashion Nerd

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Mon, 06.22.15 at 12:21pm

John Mayer owns a lot of visvim, a fact we’ve explored extensively, adding up the cumulative total of every piece he owns until the price made us so sick to our stomachs that we threw up all over our trash ...


The Land Before Streetwear

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Fri, 06.19.15 at 1:03pm

Just a short drive from The Bronx via the Hutchinson River Parkway, the Village of Pelham doesn’t much resemble the sprawling multifaceted metropolis whose northernmost borders lie mere miles away. Attractive and green, residential and serene, this idyllic part of ...


State Of The Poser 2015

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Thu, 06.18.15 at 2:49pm

There’s nothing more tired and predictable than a rant about how the Internet changed the culture, especially when its purpose is to chastise so-called millennials for their digitally-savvy, fast-typing, presumptuous lifestyle. But summer is here, so it’s time we had ...


There Is A Computer Algorithm That Can Teach You How To Dress Better

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Wed, 06.17.15 at 5:11pm

Technology has gotten out of fucking hand, man. According to Quartz, computer scientists have put together an algorithm that can analyze your outfit and evaluate ways to improve it. You can read up on the algorithm and program in this ...

online shopping tax

Your Next Online Order May Be More Expensive

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Wed, 06.17.15 at 12:57pm

One of the best things about online shopping is that most of the places you buy from don’t charge you any tax. You can thank a pieceĀ of legislation from the 1990s for that. The Supreme Court ruled that only companies ...


Taking Acid With ILoveMakonnen

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Thu, 06.11.15 at 5:24pm

Chasing the Red Dragon at Governors Ball. ...