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Glamour Removes Ridiculous, Sexist List On How To Make A Man Fall In Love

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Wed, 07.29.15 at 1:52pm

Sometimes Twitter can be so dope. It can be affirming and informative and it can even call bullshit on an outdated and sexist list of “tips” intended to help women “make a man fall hard for [them].” I could give ...


Dress Codes Are Not The Answer

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Wed, 07.29.15 at 11:59am

The New York Post, the paper of little to no record, just posted what could only be considered an open lament on the state of the way Americans are dressing. The author is super bummed that people wear cargo shorts ...


Wearing Clothes You Don’t Understand Is All The Rage In China

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Wed, 07.29.15 at 11:18am

What we have here is an epidemic that transcends basic white bros and bitches getting various Asian language-based tattoos and telling people that they mean “peace” or “tranquility,” folks. According to Shanghaiist, clothing items with vulgar English phrases are all ...


Michael Jackson’s Famous Glove Up For Auction, Looks Gross

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Tue, 07.28.15 at 1:46pm

Michael Jackson was known for a few things. That dubious stain on his record is difficult to ignore, but he was also basically the greatest entertainer to ever walk the planet. His pantheon of hits is unforgettable as was his ...


Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You To Buy $1,500+ “Hip-Hop-Themed” Clutches

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Tue, 07.28.15 at 11:14am

I feel like at this point making fun of Gwyneth Paltrow and her hilariously named lifestyle publication Goop is such low hanging fruit that no one is really allowed to actively make fun of it anymore—all we can do is ...


Four Pins Presents Honest Unboxings: IO HAWK

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 2:35pm

A Four Pins original video series. ...


Topshop Removing Insanely Skinny Mannequins From Its Stores After Customer Calls Them Out On Facebook

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 11:45am

One very clear problem with many fashion brands is their penchant to use unrealistic mannequins in their stores. Whether they’re styled weirdly (or perfectly in rare cases) or posed in ridiculous stances, they’re large pieces of plastic that look nothing ...


Children: 1, Fashion: 0

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Mon, 07.27.15 at 11:22am

Filmmaker Yolanda Dominguez’s most recent project, “Niños vs. Moda,” features 8-year-old children describing fashion editorials and campaigns and, predictably, the kids are cute and their explanations are funny. But the short film also demonstrates the modes through which the fashion ...


From The Makers Of Fart-Proof Underwear Comes An Entire Fart-Proof Wardrobe

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Thu, 07.23.15 at 11:27am

Remember all the way back to 2013 when the fart-disguising garments, Shreddies, debuted? The brand, hell bent on selling you underwear you could safely fart into without anyone being the wiser, is back and they want to fart-proof your entire ...


Girl Bullied And Beaten For Wearing The “Wrong” Sneakers In Disturbing Video

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Thu, 07.23.15 at 10:25am

Sneaker violence has been mentioned and referred to for quite some time, most notably when Sports Illustrated put in on their May 14, 1990 cover, drawing considerable awareness to a problem that has surely since bubbled over. However, coverage of ...