20 Things Famous Works Of Art Can Teach You About Women

Do you ever look at a painting and cry? That’s because your pathos vibes are out of control! Art reveals something deep about the human spirit and teaches you lessons about life that can only be articulated through colors and oil and a flick of bundled horsehair. At least, that’s what I read on a pillow (it was a really an embroidered body pillow).

Art has lots to say about lots (that was on a smaller pillow, sort of a lower back thing), but it has perhaps the most to say about women. Women are confounding creatures, but art, as you’re about to learn, is ready to expose all their secrets and tell you everything you need to know to interface with the other half of the world.

Rachel Seville is a writer living in New York who believes in miracles. Read her blog, Pizza Rulez, here and follow her on Twitter here.

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    This was pretty shitty….wanted to like it but just sucked.

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    Try harder next time, fuccgirl

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    Lmao the first two sentences were everything

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    Me thinks a lotta people clicked expecting actual advice… myself included.

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    I Have seen a lot of these pieces in person and they physically moved me & and you almost sullied those memories with this week shit. “women don’t like boats” fucking ignorant.

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    With each article Rachel writes I become more sure that she hates women and has no female friends. Thank you for doing your part in spreading misogyny.

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    I am not a big fan of art.

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    I wasted a couple of minutes reading this and wondered, “why is this so fucking awful?” Then I saw who the writer was. Rachel, please stop writing; everything you have written on fourpins is absolute trash, please for both our sakes stop. Pursue another hobby/career choice, because writing will not work out for you. Editors of fourpins, please stop posting her shit, it drags the quality of the entire site down.