20 Totally Unnecessary Movie Sequels That Need To Be Made Right Now

Let’s face it, we live in a culture of brand name recognition. Sequels, prequels and remakes are everywhere you look and make up an incredibly large portion of the movies being released each year. While most of them are played out and unoriginal, they are huge moneymaking powerhouses for studios and aren’t going away anytime soon.

These production companies may be trying to retroactively destroy our favorite movies, but, luckily, I beat them to the punch. I can ruin classics all by myself! The following are 20 of the best fake movie sequel plots that will make The Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 look like the motherfucking The English Patient. Hopefully, these pitches will lower your expectations in the future, so you can continue about your miserable life undisturbed.

Matt Rimer is a writer living in Boston. Follow him on Twitter here.

6 Responses to “20 Totally Unnecessary Movie Sequels That Need To Be Made Right Now”

  1. Draw me like your french girls

    There is a Titanic II its on netflix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Class A Rando

    Schindler’s List 2: Let’s Get This Party Started… It’s set a while after the war when things have calmed down

  3. Jordan Tunnicliff

    There actually is a sequel to Forrest Gump written after the film. It’s actually a really good read, at one point he invents “New Coke” at the head of Coke’s house, and it’s so good that Coke release it, only Gump can’t remember what ingredients he used.

  4. Boost Affiliates

    There’s been a sequel to Run Lola Run, but it’s something Lola about shopping or whatever, she’s trying to keep her marriage intact.
    I hope the Star Wars movies don’t disappoint either. I lost a part of my inner child watching episodes 1 through 3 (they don’t even deserve roman numerals).


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