The 20 Women You Should Date In Your 20’s

Think of your twenties as a carousel in which you are leaping from beautifully adorned filly to filly as A Tribe Called Quest plays on the calliope. FYI, your thirties are some ride where everyone throws up and they have to hose everything down before you get on. Let’s get to dating!

Rachel Seville is a writer living in New York who believes in miracles. Read her blog, Pizza Rulez, here and follow her on Twitter here.

  • ioeno

    why are all the sus articles written by dudes and these one by a bitch?

    • Zoe

      why are you here?

      • ioneo


        • Class A Rando

          I die ova deez ReeBOKS

      • JB

        He don’t even know.

        ioeno. see?

    • ioeno

      but i aint gon lie i like this article

    • Rachel Seville

      Now are these words or a children’s puzzle that when properly assembled looks like a duck in a phallus costume?

  • Tony

    yo rachel, which girl are/were you?

    • Rachel Seville

      Une jeunesse que l’avenir inquiete trop souvent!

      • 9th Grade French Teacher

        *purses lips and smiles adoringly*

  • lolat231

    Fuck it, I’ve already got a girl.

    • Rachel Seville

      Why stop at 1?

  • kb2003

    Entertaining work, Rachel, as usual. Will you write a corresponding piece for guys who date other guys and not girls? (Or at least recruit a guest writer who could, or in some other tiny way acknowledge that Four Pins does have some ‘mo readers?)

    • Rachel Seville

      This is a marvelous idea!

  • Brandon Mahler

    Been trying to date normal girls it’s hard AF

  • spentral

    utter retardation… i wish i could get the minutes i wasted on reading this shite back…

  • jbjb

    four pin the slideshows on ur website arent workiing

  • furí sage

    i need me a 12.

  • Class A Rando

    Is there any kind of evolution in dating the types of women that are listed? For any new girl I meet, there seems to be a continuous regress to situation #10. For example, I plan on moving away my current girl, but only when we finish Moneyball next weekend. Thx.

  • Ralph the fag

    I’m Ralph and I’m gay

  • Brian C.

    I always run into 8’s and 20’s, but I need a 12 in my life to support my Hypebeast habits.

    *sad face*

  • Brian C.

    I always run into 8’s and 20’s, but I need a 12 in my life to support my Hypebeast habits.

    *sad face*


    No one in there right mind should be spoon fed Vegemite.

  • fuudutot21

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