Bae Or Not Bae?

Some things are bae. Some things are not bae. It's important that you be able to differentiate betwixt the two, lest you end up looking like a swagless fucktube of a human who has the inability to pick the superior option.

However, baeness, or lack thereof, can be misleading. Some things that you may think are bae may not, in fact, actually be bae, and if you choose incorrectly, you will die alone. So, naturally, what things are bae, you ask? Well, anything that is worthy of a long-term investment—of time, of money, of emotion, of whatever. Heed my teachings, friends, because the last thing you wanna do is fuck around and become Skip Baeless.

Drew Millard wrote this while listening to UGK. You can read more of his work on Noisey and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Juice

    Since when did it become cool to refer to inanimate objects as ‘bae’

    • jaspyr


  • Bronello_Cucinelli

    I’m confused

  • Bazooka Joe

    i literally have no idea what this article is about.

    • Dillon

      Its written by a hipster with a name that should only be allowed for brands of pilsner – it´s not supposed to be about anything.

  • Matt

    You’ll never need to re-purchase Timbs because they won’t be trendy with white people in a year from now. re-purchase

  • Tucci

    “Drake: Bae” sus ass dude

  • yowk

    what is bae im confused

  • Pål

    What the fuck is this im done smh

  • J

    another article to exemplifying four-pins going full buzzfeed. Never go full buzzfeed.

  • Dagoat Man

    Come on people that shit was funny

  • Sanchez

    How to so many of ya’ll not know what “bae” is lol