The Black Dogs Project

I was just scrolling through my dash and saw that the Tumblr Staff posted this thing called the "Black Dogs Project." Apparently, black dogs are adopted way less than other dogs because they are seen as bad, violent and mean, which is probably indicative of our society's completely and utterly unrelenting racism. If this is true, though, then that's fucking stupid because black dogs are, like, totes wayyyy more chic than other basic bitches (see what I did there). My dog at home, Lily, is black and she was adopted, which I guess means my family and I are better people than everyone else. Anyway, the Black Dogs Project is also being made into a coffee table book because, as our own EIC knows, that's what happens when your Tumblr is on and popping. Leave the book out next time you have a girl over to your crib because cute French Bulldogs are easily 1000x sexier than you. Just make sure she's down with Internet speak before you start wilin' out and telling her she's a "bad bitch" whilst perusing those pups.

  • WAVY

    Jake Woolf the type of dude getting pressured into buying mixtapes on Broadway

    • Jake Woolf

      Guess that makes you the type of dude to hand out his mixtape on Broadway then.

      • WAVY

        You guessed wrong dawgie that don’t make me shit at all lol wtf kind of logic is that? You still hand out your twenties and they still keep the change tho

  • Tony

    Only writer who can post about pet adoption and still get clowned. Poor Woolf lol.

  • Dick Rooster

    all that white guilt. o i am laffin

  • squatty

    jake woolf is sensitive today.