Comparing NFL Quarterbacks To Rappers

You may have seen this idea before because I invented it 4 months back, but like any good idea shit is multi-dimensional. I can use the rapper metaphor for anything that is socially relevant and since we are only 2 games into the NFL season now is that time. I'm gonna do my best to try and hit these quarterbacks as rappers comparisons right in the fucking numbers, firing numerous pigskin darts like U-O-E-N-O. Hut one, hut two, leggo.

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6 Responses to “Comparing NFL Quarterbacks To Rappers”

  1. Cameron Douglas

    Four-Pins is always on some hater shit.. These fools are so fucking generic and mediocre, they don’t have names, just numbers.

  2. X_X

    I was excited when I saw the premise of this article, but the execution was awful. It’s like you didn’t know enough about either football or rap but decided to write an article involving both. Btw, I’m on some hater shit right now… but “Skip Class”? Really boo boo?

  3. Steve Thuro

    uh? “Trent Dilfer was probably mistaken as the equipment manager for the entire season the Raven’s one the Super Bowl.”

    you mean WON the super bowl…

    I jus oned dat shit

  4. mellonhead26

    This shit was terrible. Wale had a deal with Jay before Ross and Lupe delivers on every album. But u lost me in the beginning win you compared Gucci to Farve. Disgusting article and a freakin waste of time.


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