Comparing WWF Superstars To Rappers

It's not a very novel idea to compare rappers to actors. Given enough time the former will try to become the latter. If a rapper does succeed at making the leap to Hollywood then they usually follow up that feat by featuring a lot of guitar on their next big album—said rappers starts hanging out in Hollywood too much, starts paling around with the dudes from Good Charlotte or whoever and then they do a bunch of coke and are all, "We should put a gang of guitar type shit on this next joint. Like, really do some new shit!"

Give me a "G"! Give me a "T"! Give me a "F"! Give me a "O"! G-T-F-O!

We need more rappers to become actors like we need a box set of unreleased B-sides from Amber Rose.

If rappers are worth comparing to any type of entertainer, it's wrestlers. Both worlds have the drama, egos, catchphrases and beef. I rest my case.

Rappers are nothing more than musically inclined wrestlers. Just like dudes fake fighting in a ring, they don't actually perform the heinous acts of crime that they so vividly describe in their bars, but that doesn't mean shit when it comes to whether or not they are entertaining.

To illustrate my point, I picked some rappers that evoke the characteristics of classic wrestlers and, yo, the similarities are freakishly accurate. Don't believe me, just watch. See, rappers are the new wrestlers and I won't hear otherwise. For continuity purposes I drew most of the following comparisons from the golden era of WWF because that shit was the bomb.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • alex rudkovsky

    ok that was good.
    but what about ric flair??? probably the most rap song quoted wrestler!

    • WolvesAteMyDad

      Pusha T has GOT to be Ric Flair. I don’t think any rapper has sampled/referenced him more.

  • orlandopoliticsnet

    “Ye” and “Mr. Perfect” that’s a perfect match. I remember “Mr. Perfect” in his prime back in the 80s/early 90s and the two couldn’t compliment themselves enough!

  • 709kih

    Chief Keef and Cactus Jack #BangBang

  • KrysKnows

    Stone Cold = Tupac or Get the fuck out.

  • Sommie A

    Where’s Undertaker :( He be on that street goth style LOL

  • OoooYeah

    Clearly there is room left for a follow up article. I mean, there wasn’t even a mention of Macho Man Randy Savage’s rap album.

    Also, crazy to think a lot of these wrestlers are dead compared to their rapping counterpart.

    • Guest

      Jay-z = million dollar man
      beyounce= elizabeth

      • Kevin

        Beyoncé*. Why does nobody know how to spell her name?

  • jerm

    this shit is retarded lmao

  • mad mike

    This list is the sucks

  • Michael

    John Cena = John Cena

  • Michael

    Mike Shinoda = CM Punk

  • Michael

    Shaq Diesel = The Big Show

  • Michael

    Duct Tape Ent = The Shield

  • Michael

    Busta Rhymes = King Booker

  • Michael

    50 Cent ft. The Game = Cryme Tyme

  • Calum Buchanan

    The Bushwackers are from New Zealand maaaaaaan!

  • Mr. Fly as a Pelican

    I was WISHING Yelawolf would’ve be the honky tonk man. But the Action Bronson and DMX were super on point.

  • Troy

    What do you guys think?
    D-generationX = NWA
    NWO =NWA?

  • Therealmdotmoney

    Jay-z = million dollar man

    beyounce= elizabeth

    joe budden+ razor ramon

    • Paperweight

      i’d say Hov would be the rock. Stretched outside of his lane and keeps winning. Bey=Elizabeth is a good one but I tend to think she’s super shady on the low so maybe Sunny from the body donas… joe budden could never be razor ramon. People cared about what razor did, joey is just fucking chicks more so than making good music.

    • Kevin

      Beyoncé*. Learn to spell, genius.