Does Falling In Love Make You Basic?

Celebrities star in movies based on our lives and TV shows that simulate reality, but we’re meant to imagine that offscreen they’re swimming laps in vodka filled infinity pools, while all the women from Maxim’s latest issue serve them toffee popcorn. Stars: They’re just like, only pretending to be us!

But Kanye West’s proposal to Kim Kardashian threw a wrench in the whole machine. And not even a gold-plated wrench, just some totally normal ass wrench from Home Depot or something. Renting out a baseball stadium, getting a symphony to play Lana Del Rey and then removing your girlfriend’s blindfold so she can read the following text on a Jumbotron: “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” This is the scene from the currently-in-production-film Can You Here, Me Now right after Reese Witherspoon quits her telemarketing job at a thinly-disguised Verizon Wireless and the company’s CEO, played by Josh Duhamel in maybe a hairpiece, tricks her into coming to a stadium and proposes. This is not Kim Kardashian’s real life. This is, like, basic.

Kanye claimed in a recent radio interview that, “It was very much a DONDA exercise. I sit with my team of creatives and we’ll say, ‘What’s the best version of this? How can we get this?’” I love the idea that Kanye West requires the DONDA creative team to help him achieve normalcy, and yet it’s clear that no matter how high the level of orchestration, it was all done in the name of catering to Kim’s undeniable basic-ness. Because, try as he might to dress her up in Givenchy and Celine, and blather as he may about what a worthy Vogue cover girl she is, Kanye knows that Kim is capital-B "Basic," and if he wants to be with her, he’s got to go Basic too. Just like how you sometimes have to go to T.G.I.Friday’s earnestly because your girlfriend likes their nachos, or how you’ll wear a totally lamezo sweater she bought you from Banana Republic, or give up smoking even though it means nobody wants to take your fashionz picture now.

And it all raises the terrible, heartbreaking, day-ruining question: When famous people fall in love, do they become...Basic? Are stars in love just like us?

Above, let's review some other stars who, once in love, became totally basic.

Rachel Seville is a writer living in New York who believes in miracles. Read her blog, Pizza Rulez, here and follow her on Twitter here.

  • OK_ok

    Thought this was an elitist fashion blog? I come here to read elitist, pretentious articles and that´s why I like this site.

    I don´t want this middle-flyover-state-America, babble-at-the-hairdresser, US-weekly, celebrity-bullshit. THIS is basic.

    • Nerd

      Don’t cry Rachelle DeVille or w/e your basic writing pseudonym is. I liked it.

    • betty5b

      Kanye’s best friend Marc Jacobs is a manipulator. He controls Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and more. He’s been stealing the ideas of a young designer named Angel Barta for 5 years. Read the details on:

      • Angelo

        nice lol bro

    • Rachel Seville

      Are you one of those foul people who wear coats that look like trash bags and eat brunch?

  • Dave Anthony

    No, falling in love doesn’t make you basic, just less interesting.

  • TrendReportBlog

    I hope Kanye puts Four-Pins on blast some day. Get the servers ready. It’s gonna be big.

  • The Esteemed

    Falling in love doesn’t make you basic. It just means that in some cases, you’ll start appealing to a different fan base that your used to.

  • Episcene Being

    Basic, more like boring. One persons style will just be for the both of yous! Jada dresses will, Michelle dresses Obama,Tom dresses Katie, and Beyonce thugs it out for Jay Z.

    • Rakim

      If Beyonce dresses Jay-Z then why the fuck did she think that Topman shirt this summer was a good idea? That was basic as fuck.