The Four Pins Guide To How To Do Sex Good

So, there you are, you've brought a new girl home for the night or maybe even got taken home. Things are progressing smoothly and you decide to lay down some moves. You think you know what you're doing, but—newsflash, bro—ya don't.

The scientists here at the Four Pins labs (read: me, alone in my shitty apartment) are at it again and this time we're aiming to help improve you sex doing game. We've run some simulations, calculated some numbers and discovered some shocking results unlike anything you've ever seen before. The following is a step-by-step guide aiming to teach you the proper way to put your penis in her vergina. Vergina? That can't be right. Hold up, let me check my notes real quick. Yep, that looks about right. Moving on...

Matt Rimer is a writer living in Boston. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • aenotiades

    This shit was amazing

  • Sean Murphy

    Actually, according to a study from The University of Groningen, keeping your girls socks on makes her 30% more likely to orgasm. The more you know…

    • Dillon

      Sounds more like bro science from the University of Bros

  • Cam

    This guy on Facebook is a revelation

    • damn

      how did he do it? he cracked the code

    • FyuuR

      Ahh, Facebook. Truly the bottom of the barrel.

      • Tucci

        Youtube would like a word with you

  • disqus_944TVOoMyY

    Gotta time it right so you can hit up the Pawn Stars marathon when y’all done.

  • Troy

    Possitive my Bed Swag Just increase by 75%. All Thanks To You Man.


    LMAO Victoria Justice?

  • steve

    i dont think this guy has ever gotten laid



  • chezzmarie

    if anybody ever tried this on me i would off them