It’s Not 4th Grade Anymore

I’m such a sucker for fancy writing utensils. The irony of that is I’m left handed and I just smear whatever the fuck I end up writing. MY LEFT HANDED PEOPLE OUT THERE, DO YOU REMEMBER THE LEAD THAT WOULD BE ALL OVER THE SIDE OF YOUR HAND AFTER HAVING TO SHOW ALL YOUR WORK ON THOSE MATH WORKSHEETS? This pencil can't save you if you're left handed, but it does have a cool little case. Granted it’s not mechanical, but how fucking hilarious would it be if you were "consulting" a brand and as you were taking notes your pencil broke? Except this time it’s not 4th grade and there’s no sharpener on the wall.

  • shrek

    would they let you take this pencil on an airplane
    do they let you take pencils at all on airplanes
    serious questions

    • Kieran S

      Yeah I presume them not letting you take pens is cause they explode or something? If I wanted to stab someone I would smuggle something better than a pen so it can’t be for security, can it?

  • Schwartz

    Real talk, fuck those math sheets and their required pencil usage. Left-handed graphite smear all over that bitch.

  • Michael

    get this Evil Dead ad out of here, keeps scaring me and I don’t know where it’s coming from