James Franco, Poet, Writes Poetry About James Franco, Poet

James Franco on James Franco
The only thing greater than me,
Is the word greatness itself. Out of
True greatness come words like "neat"
And tea[ch]er. Both of those words,
I also am.

A Poem
A poem should have no
Beginning, nor end. It shant
Require admirers, nor follow
popular trends. I know a few people,
Like Seth and Lindsey. Seth is one of
My friends. I painted him naked.
Lindsey is a confused girl. I wrote a
Poem about her.

Social Commentaries
Some people call Pineapple
A comedy. This seems a bit
Naïve, don't you think? Because
If you really think about it,
It was a social commentary,
commenting mostly on
our society…Like The Catcher
in the Rye.

One Time On Broadway
One time on Broadway,
Did I mention I was on Broadway?
It was a Broadway play about a guy named
Lenny, and a stupider guy named George.
One reviewer of the play was an idiot.
And another thing! If the show was
So bad, then why did I get so much attention?

James Franco is
an American actor,
author and

April of 2012
In April 2012,
The popular
Jewish magazine, Shalom Life,
Named my brother and I
#2 on the list of most handsome/
Talented Jewish guys. To that, I
Say, "Shalom, Life."

Some of the things that I have done
Harvard or Brown,
Or Yale or Princeton,
Colgate, Cornell,
NYU, Brooklyn.
UCLA, no Dartmouth,
No Stanford. RISD,
Colombia, Warren Wilson;
Those are some of the schools
That I have attended or visited.

Don’t forget that
Have also done a fair bit of
Painting. Painting is art.
I am

Most Important Thing
Nothing is more important
In this world,
Than self-
ies. I take selfies. And paint
them. I am self-
less. I am filled with my
self. My work is profound.
I am American, like Bob Dole,
Bob Dylan, etc.

Sad but true
Unfortunately for everyone,
I am here. And guess what,
I am not going anywhere.
In fact, I just got certified to be an
Architect. I am going to build the tallest
Building in Minneapolis! Oh and guess
What else? I am also a marine biologist and
I decided to switch the names of sharks and
Dolphins so now everyone has to.Lol…

Andrew Meisel is a writer living in NYC who loves soccer, hates James Franco and obviously wrote all of these poems himself.