Off The Dome

Yo, fuck that Vans case or whatever the fuck Bape bullshit you think is popping. Time to Nike iD this shit, except not really because Grove won't engrave their bamboo iPhone/iPad cases and leather notebooks with copyrighted material. Bummer. Fingers crossed they won’t censor some good old fashion swear words. Off the dome, heere are my top 5 engravings I would get:

1. Camo print because ENGRAVED camo print is on some next, next level shit that you haters can't even see.

2. "Semi-thuggin" so I could then mark it up 50% and sell it to Nick.

3. "Fuck off" because you kids love shit that says "fuck off" on it.

4. A sketch of Adlai Stevenson.

5. Animal skin—python, gator, brontosaurus, whatever.

Bonus: Obscure rap lyrics. Mine? Camp Lo's “Scored like 10 on my IQ test.”

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