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The Problem With Deleting Your Social Media

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Fri, 03.27.15 at 10:38am

“I’m deleting my Facebook,” he posted to 1,726 people who didn’t care. We have all seen the person or maybe we have been the person who has had enough with social media and decided to delete Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc. This hero normally ...

apple watch

Apple Is Training Its Staff To Give Fashion Advice For The Apple Watch Release

Written by
Thu, 03.26.15 at 3:22pm

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is training its staff to dole out fashion advice to customers when it comes to selling the highly-anticipated Apple Watch, which releases on April 24th. The company has given employees a training regimen based around a ...


Raf Simons, Cushion Designer

Written by
Wed, 03.25.15 at 4:18pm

This is why fashion designers are so rad. Let’s be real, they can do whatever the fuck they want and it’s cool because they’re creative and inspiring. Remember when Rick Owens put a bunch of super insane, but very expensive ...


Clap For The New, Pray For The Old With Nike Golf Club

Written by
Wed, 03.25.15 at 11:22am

This week Nike Golf released its latest collection, Nike Golf Club. The intent is clear: Nike represents the youth. Most golfers are old and spend most of Saturday around the 19th hole crushing Michelob Ultras. The new generation, apparently, plays ...

Hm Metal

The Tale Behind H&M’s Heavy Metal (And Possibly Neo-Nazi) Inspired Collection

Written by
Tue, 03.24.15 at 3:39pm

Back in February, H&M acquired the license to some designs from metal bands, like Metallica and Slayer, to sell in its stores, the irony being here that H&M was selling merch for them that was cheaper than you could get ...


SXSW Is Decadent And Depraved

Written by
Tue, 03.24.15 at 2:49pm

“It was lit.” This is how Nick Lachey describes our flight from New York City to Texas. I’ve baited him into saying this by asking, “Was it lit?”—but he’s correct, nonetheless. JetBlue has furnished us with an aircraft for the ...


Trash Vs. Classic, But Never In Between

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Tue, 03.24.15 at 11:29am

Pick your side. ...

luxury pyramid

The Definitive Luxury Hierarchy

Written by
Mon, 03.23.15 at 3:17pm

America done fell off, fam. China is now the place to be when it comes to luxury goods and rich people in general. Anyway, in the interest of effective flexing, and promoting a new book, obviously, about how China has started ...


My Body Is A Fuccboi Wonderland

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Mon, 03.23.15 at 12:39pm

My body said no this weekend. He rarely does, but I’ve noticed he’s become a fuccboi recently. He coughs up blood some mornings. Other times, a limb will just refuse to do its assigned job. I’ll try to talk some ...


Your Style Isn’t Unique And There Are Photos To Prove It

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Mon, 03.23.15 at 10:44am

Before you get dressed in the morning to look distinctly like yourself and no one else, take a step back and realize you’re not exactly a special snowflake. That’s harsh, but you should it accept right away, especially since you’re ...