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Under The #Influence With Four Pins

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Wed, 02.25.15 at 11:50am

The resident swaglords of Four Pins school you on the basics of the alphet-bet. ...

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Raf Simons Stars In Upcoming Dior And I Documentary

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Wed, 02.25.15 at 11:10am

Fashion documentaries are typically some of the best and most interesting. The visuals and coverage surrounding the topic at hand are so well done and in-depth that you leave with a newfound sense of respect and admiration for what is ...


My Fourth Fashion Week: A Diary

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Mon, 02.23.15 at 12:31pm

You think you know, but you have no idea. ...

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The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily On Drugs) At The 87th Academy Awards

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Mon, 02.23.15 at 11:11am

It's not whether you win or lose, it's how hard you party. ...



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Tue, 02.17.15 at 1:40pm

UNIONMADE gives a really nice description of The Plant Journal. It’s all about how the magazine not only examines our personal relationships with plants and the living world, but also provides some scientific insights into specific plants and their environs. ...


In Praise Of Shady Neighbors

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Wed, 02.11.15 at 2:19pm

My Philly neighbors were the best. The first apartment I rented after college was in Queen Anne Village, a pleasant little neighborhood by the river that was almost completely gentrified. Still, I got regular visits from the down on his ...

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The First Ever NBA Fashion Show Is Happening This Weekend (And It’s 100% Guaranteed To Be Wack)

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 2:07pm

The equally everlasting and utterly delusional “NBA players are stylish” discussion continues as NBA All-Star Weekend will host the first ever NBA fashion show this Friday, produced by LeBron James and airing on TNT this Saturday, February 14th. The creatively ...

COVER. Menswear Dog The New Classics Lo Res

A Dog Wearing Clothing Has Its Own Book And You Do Not

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 1:22pm

Guys, that dog who wears clothing and makes more money than you do now has a book too. I repeat, Menswear Dog is releasing a fucking book, entitled Menswear Dog Presents: The New Classics: Fresh Looks for the Modern Man. ...


If You’re Insecure, You May Avoid Certain “Prestigious” Brands

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 12:40pm

Knowledge time, everyone! According to a recent study that examined our attachment, association and connection to certain brand names, insecure people are more likely to avoid certain labels. Yes, that sounds exceedingly simple, but New York Mag breaks it down into ...


The Four Pins Guide To Driving

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 12:22pm

Americans drive cars. There are only a few cities in America where you don’t need a car. One of those cities invented Uber, another has 50,000 taxis and the other has a convenient above ground train. Even if you don’t ...