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Your Favorite Fashion Designers Are Now Experimenting With Hallucinogenic Drugs

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Mon, 04.13.15 at 2:06pm

Full-on drugs, while dope, may be a bit of a stretch here, but Style Dot Com just posted up this story about fashion designers flocking to Ayahuasca, which is a hallucinogenic brew of tea. According to the “Effects” section of ...


Daniel Johnston For Supreme Is A Work Of Tortured Art

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Mon, 04.13.15 at 1:02pm

Have you heard of Daniel Johnston? He’s a relatively well-known musician and artist with both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder who’s gained a cult-like following. Both his art and general aesthetic often serve as tortured symbolism for his hardships. He’s also ...

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A$AP Rocky Goes Shopping With Complex, Throws Shade At Off-White

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Mon, 04.13.15 at 12:18pm

Rather than do another typical episode of “Sneaker Shopping,” our boy JLP took A$AP Rocky to L.A.’s Maxfield to do some apparel copping in honor of his most recent Complex cover story. Rocky, who has proven that he knows style ...


The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily On Drugs) At The 2015 MTV Movie Awards

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Mon, 04.13.15 at 11:35am

It's not whether you win or lose, it's how hard you party. ...

blank baseball hat

Hollywood’s Love Affair With The Blank Baseball Hat

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Fri, 04.10.15 at 1:33pm

Slate has a short article about a very specific thing, which is pretty much the editorial lifeblood of Four Pins. I mean, our bread and butter is writing short blurbs about esoteric clothing items. We’re also straight up fucking garbage ...


The Best Coachella Fits Of All Time

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Fri, 04.10.15 at 12:36pm

A brief history of stunting in the desert. ...


Russian Defense Ministry Drops Wildly Insensitive Crimea-Inspired Clothing Collection

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Fri, 04.10.15 at 12:07pm

In recent geopolitical fashion news—which I’m pretty sure is the first time those two topics have ever been juxtaposed—the Russian Defense Ministry just dropped a clothing line inspired by the recent annexation of Crimea. According to The Guardian, the defense ...

kanye T mag

Kanye West Is Ralph Lauren’s Son, According To Ralph Lauren

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Fri, 04.10.15 at 10:29am

For the newest issue of The New York Times‘ T Magazine, which hits newsstands this weekend, the main man Jon Caramanica wrote an evocative piece about the evolution and ambitions of musician and clothing designer Kanye West. It tracks him from the behind-the-scenes workings ...

online shopping

Move Over Ladies, Men Are Now The Most Active Online Shoppers

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Thu, 04.09.15 at 3:39pm

How often do you shop online? Literally every minute of every day? I fucking thought so. Same here. You may not have known this, but you’re contributing to the fact that men are now the leading online shoppers in the ...

nike scheme

Ex-Nike Employee Sentenced In $800,000 Stolen Sneaker Scheme

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Thu, 04.09.15 at 3:13pm

Late last year, Nike employee Kyle Yamaguchi plead guilty to playing a part in in a conspiracy to sell hundreds of sneakers the company ordered from one of its Chinese factories. Today, he was sentenced for his involvement. Yamaguchi handed ...