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Man Sues Wife For Fraud After Seeing Her Without Makeup

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Thu, 08.06.15 at 11:46am

Yo, what in the actual fuck? Talk about a terrible honeymoon *dad laugh*. According to Emirates 24/7, a man in Algeria who just married his wife is suing her for fraud to the tune of roughly $20,000. The groom claims ...


Dude Wears Shorts To Work, Believes He Is A Hero

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Wed, 08.05.15 at 12:12pm

Wow, this legend just took a stand for all men in The Washington Post today. A brave stand. A stand for shorts. Everyone who reads Four Pins once knows that I’m a big proponent of shorts, arguably their biggest advocate ...


Vanity Fair Drops Annual “International Best-Dressed List” And It’s Not Terrible

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Wed, 08.05.15 at 11:42am

Best-dressed lists usually don’t mean shit, especially when they’re recapping various red carpet events because it’s the Illuminati’s duty to try and convince us that famous, swagless people are meant to be worshiped. But Vanity Fair‘s annual “International Best-Dressed List” has ...


Under The #Influence With Four Pins

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Tue, 08.04.15 at 2:39pm

The resident swaglords of Four Pins school you on the basics of the alphet-bet. ...


Does Fashion Really “Hate” Old People?

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Tue, 08.04.15 at 11:43am

Over at The Guardian, we’re faced with the multi-dimensional question: Why does fashion hate old people? The industry that has long been criticized for championing youthfulness and ridiculous body image issues like a bunch of bloodsucking vampires hell bent on ...


How The Fedora Became The Swagless Symbol For Everything You Hate

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Mon, 08.03.15 at 5:07pm

There are few items of clothing as universally hated and ridiculed in 2015 as fedoras. They’re like the Nickelback of menswear. But why do we hate them? Broadly broke down the history of the fedora and its evolution into today’s ...


Car Enthusiasts Are Butthurt Over Rag & Bone Destroying A Porsche

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Mon, 08.03.15 at 2:35pm

There are some corners of the Internet with very specific and fervent opinions and, when you ignite them, cannot be stopped. For example, last week, Rag & Bone dropped a campaign video for its F/W 15 womenswear collection that features ...


The Four Pins Guide To Being Washed

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Mon, 08.03.15 at 12:38pm

Four Pins has won many awards (for legal purposes we can’t tell you what they are) for our tireless dedication to Journalism™. We document the zeitgeist. We scour for the best memes. We are constantly watching for the next movement ...


The Hierarchy To Dressing On Wall Street Just Proves Rich, White Men Are As Swagless As Ever

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Fri, 07.31.15 at 12:49pm

This Business Insider article is all about how Wall Street professionals have a specific and studied hierarchy that extends all the way to the clothes they can wear. According to the insiders interviewed, if you’re a junior level banker you ...


Thief Steals Donated Handbag From Children’s Hospice Charity Shop Because Everything Is Terrible

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Fri, 07.31.15 at 10:51am

The things people will do, man. You’d think that we could go just a couple of days before the soulless rear their ugly heads. But, everything is terrible, so you’d be wrong. Case in point, a children’s hospice in London ...