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artisanal firewood

Parody Video Perfectly Roasts Every Ridiculous Kickstarter By Trying To Sell You Artisanal Firewood

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Tue, 09.22.15 at 1:24pm

Kickstarter is, like, our mortal enemy. Too many terrible ideas get exposure and funding on there and, more than anything, the formula has become completely ridiculous and overdone. The laundry list of insane shit is never-ending. “Drinking jackets,” a hoodie ...

kanya sesser

This Model Was Born Without Legs, Makes $1,000 A Day And Plans To Compete In The Paralympics, Proving You Are Garbage

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Tue, 09.22.15 at 12:49pm

Beauty standards are rapidly changing and that’s a damn good thing for society. One incredible example of this is Kanya Sesser, a 23-year-old woman who was actually born without legs. For all the limitations such a handicap puts on someone, ...

confed flag virginia

More Than 20 Virginia High School Students Suspended After Wearing Confederate Flag Clothing

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Mon, 09.21.15 at 2:42pm

The Confederate flag has taken on quite the life of its own in the past few months. Most notably, South Carolina stopped flying the Stars and Bars at the state capitol and, apparently, Argentine teens enjoy wearing the image on ...

rich kids of instagram

Hanging Out With The Rich Kids Of Instagram Doesn’t Seem That Fun

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Mon, 09.21.15 at 12:33pm

All the “Rich Kids of Instagram” madness that popped off a while back was pretty strong. Shit, a bunch of these flexing assholes even got their own TV show. Whether you wanted to or not, we all saw these blessed ...


Stop Subtweeting, You Look Like A Butthurt Baby

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Mon, 09.21.15 at 11:38am

There’s no better platform to mask your depression than Twitter. The self-serving, ineffective sneak dissing that floods the timeline isn’t always consistent with the resentful, morose people behind the avatars. Posturing on the Internet isn’t anything new. Who hasn’t posted ...

ISIS thong

ISIS-Branded Thongs May Be Coming, But Probably Not

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Mon, 09.21.15 at 11:18am

Starting off this Monday on a VERY turbo note. Let’s just strap in, alright? Shit’s about to get a little crazy. From ISIS’ ban on any Nike-branded clothing to their hatred for skinny jeans being so strong that they might throw ...

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 1.31.28 PM

Stephen Colbert Roasts Celebrity Lifestyle Brands By Launching His Own

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Fri, 09.18.15 at 2:32pm

There is no shortage of celebrity-associated lifestyle brands out there. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has become, well, something of an out of touch phenomenon. Blake Lively’s Preserve has been slandered many a time. Reese Witherspoon and Draper James are just a bit ...

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 1.52.04 PM

Virgil Abloh Is Collaborating With His Alma Mater, The University Of Wisconsin, On A Series Of T-Shirts For A Good Cause

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Fri, 09.18.15 at 2:12pm

Virgil Abloh his no stranger to the midwest. He’s put “Nebraska” on a variety of gear (shout out Raf) and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he studied civil engineering. Now, the designer is returning to campus in October for ...

tattoo preservation

You Can Now Have Your Tattoos Removed, Preserved And Framed Once You Die

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Fri, 09.18.15 at 1:29pm

The first thing most people think of when considering a tattoo is how it will look when they’re old and wrinkly. I mean, at least I did. Tattoos are a fairly permanent endeavor unless you go under the laser to ...

nbike decade heavens gate

A Reddit User Claims To Have Met The Guy Who Sold Nikes To The Infamous Heaven’s Gate Cult

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Fri, 09.18.15 at 11:13am

It’s likely that you’ve at least heard of Heaven’s Gate even if you don’t necessarily know a ton about the infamous cult. In 1997, members of the cult committed suicide in order to reach an alien space craft that was ...