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Iconic Fashion Gawdess Iris Apfel Has Her Own Documentary Coming Out And It’s Gonne Be Lit

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Thu, 03.12.15 at 4:59pm

You may not know her name, but you definitely know her waterbug-shaped sunglasses. You may have even seen her in Bill Cunningham New York or in various other films about fashion. Her name is Iris Apfel and she is a motherfucking ...

jeans NYT

Jeans? Who Wears Jeans? Definitely Not Today’s Kids

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Thu, 03.12.15 at 10:39am

You ever just get the feeling that jeans are too tight and constricting? Well, you are not alone. The New York Times reports that the new generation is getting in on casual wear. Kids as young as second grade are shunning ...

yeezy zine

Download The Yeezy Season 1 Zine, “Seasons”

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Wed, 03.11.15 at 5:20pm

Don’t call it a lookbook! After the photographic art piece done in collaboration with Jackie Nickerson leaked earlier this week, Kanye and the Adidas team were clearly gearing up for the official release of what is now being dubbed a ...

tweed jacket gang

A “Tweed Jacket Gang” Is On The Loose In Scotland And Beating The Shit Out Of People

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Wed, 03.11.15 at 3:33pm

Over the weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland, a man was viciously attacked from behind by a gang of between six and twelve men in their late 20s wearing tweed jackets or suits according to BBC. Not to belittle the injuries suffered ...

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Vapers Rejoice! We Just Found Your New Favorite Brand

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Wed, 03.11.15 at 2:24pm

Ayy you guys remember how SkyMall filed for bankruptcy and we were all like, “Oh no, we’re savages for this one, fam. LMAO where are we going to buy hidden flasks for alcoholics and airplane neck pillows?” Well, it seems ...


Young Thug, Male Model, Gets The CR Fashion Book Treatment

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Wed, 03.11.15 at 11:40am

Between being the next viable hip-hop style icon and the 2014 Four Pins Man Of The Year (of which there is no higher honor, obviously), Young Thug got the male model treatment in CR Fashion Book, Carine Roitfeld’s fashion periodical that ...


Good Thing All Pictures Tell A Story

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 2:18pm

Ala Champ is out here publishing in both French and Japanese so you can own a magazine written in two languages that you can’t read. Good thing all pictures tell a story, right? I want to live a strictly Paris ...


The Secret Shame Of All Black Everything

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Mon, 03.09.15 at 1:21pm

“When I went to school I used to wear the same clothes, they used to laugh and joke but now I’m fucking all these n****s’ hoes.” – Speaker Knockerz I’m not sure when it happened, but there came a point ...

nyt hip hop

Charting Hip-Hop’s Relationship With High-Fashion

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Fri, 03.06.15 at 10:43am

The man himself, Jon Caramanica, checks in with a reverential and personal look at how hip-hop has evolved and become close friends with high-fashion for T Magazine. Jon is perhaps the perfect person to write a piece like this—he’s a ...


70 Works For Your Bedside Table

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Thu, 03.05.15 at 3:45pm

You guys gotta own more art books. That’s just a fact. And no, buying used, fucked up copies of old museum souvenir books from used book stores does not count. Seventy Works by Noah Davis has what I’m assuming to ...