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drake serena

Drake And Anna Wintour Sat Front Row At Serena Williams’ Fashion Show

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Tue, 09.15.15 at 5:04pm

Everybody knows that the only people who matter are celebrities. This universal rule is just as applicable as ever during fashion week. Even more important? Celebrities who attend another celebrity’s fashion show because that’s, like, double the celebrity. And that’s ...


The Bindle Brothers Is Nothing But A Bad Joke

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Fri, 09.11.15 at 2:27pm

By now you guys have probably seen the above image on Twitter with an accompanying “sign of the end times” or something like that. So, hopefully you clicked through to the Times article to learn that the “Bindle Brothers,” who ...


Guy Spends Year Texting Girl To Get His Sunglasses Back

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Thu, 09.10.15 at 5:11pm

An industrious fellow uploaded his plight to the Internet for all of us to equally mock and enjoy last week. Going by the name of “Phillyalex,” he tells us that he met up with a girl named Anna after he ...

bicyclist mustache

Bicyclist Who Went On Road Rage Rampage Arrested Thanks To Elaborate, Terrible Mustache

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Wed, 09.09.15 at 1:36pm

The Los Angeles Times reports that the bicyclist responsible for a road rage incident that involved him beating a driver’s car with his U-lock in San Francisco in late August has been identified and arrested based on the fact that he has ...

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.27.11 AM

Alexander Wang Designed An Evian Bottle

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Wed, 09.09.15 at 12:13pm

Evian x Alexander Wang is now a thing. WWD reports that the French spring water company has teamed up with Wang to design a limited-edition bottle for all you literally and figuratively thirsty hypebeasts. You can see the bombastic as fuck video ...

barbie cart college student

Texas College Student Drives Barbie Jeep Around Campus After DWI, Becomes Local Sensation

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Thu, 09.03.15 at 4:19pm

Texas really is the wild west. According to the San Antonio Express-News, a college junior at Texas State named Tara Monroe received a DWI arrest after she refused to take a breathalyzer while on her way home from a Waka ...


Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Helped Sell 10,000 Cars In Two Weeks And Made Over $2 Million

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Wed, 09.02.15 at 5:31pm

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette has a legend all her own. She’s long been a point of attention for fashion people and for good reason. Sites have chronicled her life’s work more in-depth than an actual human being’s. But for all ...


Opening Ceremony Really Did A “Netflix And Chill” Editorial

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Tue, 09.01.15 at 4:23pm

The meme currently sweeping the nation, apart from the rubber duck vine, is obviously “Netflix and chill.” Listen, the meme market is a highly volatile place. And while they come and go extremely quick, it seems that “Netflix and chill” ...

portland hipsters

Minor League Baseball Team Wears Awful Portlandia-Inspired Uniforms

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Fri, 08.28.15 at 4:44pm

Oregon is so renown for its hipster reputation that its Class A Chicago Cubs minor league affiliate, the Eugene Emeralds, took it to the next level and wore Portlandia-inspired uniforms at their game last night that consisted of plaid patterned tops ...

Subal Burman

Meet The Farmer Who Has Lived Naked For Almost 40 Years Because He Is Allergic To Clothing

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Fri, 08.28.15 at 4:21pm

SWEET FRIDAY, BRING US THE GOODS. I love this story. According to The Mirror, a man in northern India named Subal Burman has a skin condition that looks totally fine from an outside perspective, but is so incredibly sensitive that ...