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london scout

A Day In The Life Of A Toddler Style Blogger

Written by
Tue, 04.28.15 at 2:01pm

It’s no secret that social media has made it roughly a billion times easier for parents to pimp out their children. The days of child actors have faded. We are now firmly into child social star territory and Racked has ...

mr porter sportswear

Mr. Porter Launches Super Luxe, Upscale Sportswear

Written by
Tue, 04.28.15 at 11:49am

If you were still wondering whether it’s super fucking chill to look like you just ran a marathon or to actually live that active lifestyle you’ve been harping on since the calendar turned to 2015, Mr. Porter basically reaffirmed your ...


Inside The Tidal Boardroom

Written by
Tue, 04.28.15 at 10:14am

“This is not working, guys,” Shawn “Jay Z” Carter says to the room of mostly washed, irrelevant musicians that make up Tidal’s board of directors—Ye, Nicki and Rihanna being the only individuals that don’t belong in a laundromat. Everyone is ...


Bed Bath & Beyond Dipset

Written by
Mon, 04.27.15 at 3:57pm

Have you recently begun cohabitating with someone? Well, you both definitely need a Diplomats-branded shower curtain and more for your new abode. Whether you’re a romantic couple, random Craiglist links or best friends forever, a Diplomats or Cam’ron shower curtain ...


Taking L’s Like A Winner

Written by
Mon, 04.27.15 at 2:01pm

Back in 2009, I was sitting in a bar with my friend West and a few other colleagues while he told a college story: West and his friends were stuck in traffic leaving a football game. He started running his ...


Big Changes Are Coming To Style Dot Com This Fall

Written by
Mon, 04.27.15 at 1:14pm

Style Dot Com is one of the go-to sources for runway shows and fashion coverage, and its parent company, Conde Nast, basically has a vise grip on the fashion world. Together, the two brands are teaming up in a new ...

armani casa

Fashion Designers Turn To Furniture

Written by
Mon, 04.27.15 at 12:19pm

The only thing more luxe than really dope clothing is upscale home goods. Fortunately, the two go hand-in-hand in the interest of general flexing. There’s really nothing better than sitting back in your obscenely expensive leather chair while wearing obscenely ...


Putting The “Suit” In “Wetsuit”

Written by
Mon, 04.27.15 at 11:46am

This is that turbo diesel shit to start off your week correct, brah. If you’re driving into work on Monday morning and you see a fucking gnarly swell rolling in off the horizon, you gotta catch a few waves before ...

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.00.01 AM

Margiela Documentary, The Artist Is Absent, Now Available For Your Viewing Pleasure

Written by
Mon, 04.27.15 at 11:10am

At the Tribeca Film Festival a couple weeks ago, a short documentary film about Martin Margiela premiered. Now, courtesy of the Yoox Group, you can watch the whole thing here. While Martin himself wasn’t interviewed, of course, many of his ...

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.02.14 AM

Watch John Oliver Ether Fast Fashion

Written by
Mon, 04.27.15 at 10:38am

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver comes through with bangers on a regular basis and you should be watching, assuming you can afford HBO or know how to use the Internet. Last night, Oliver took on the endless cycle of fast ...