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Designer Clothes Aren’t Any Better For The Environment

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 4:42pm

One of the bigger strikes against fast fashion companies, aside from the terrible labor conditions and low quality of the items, is that they’re destroying the environment. A big aspect of designer clothing for some people is that because of ...


Alexander McQueen Could Grace New British Currency

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Thu, 05.21.15 at 11:43am

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant and Benjamin Franklin—they’re all historically influential products of the United States and their faces are all emblazoned on our country’s currency for that very reason, though Jackson’s time may be ...


Fresh Dressed, A Documentary About Hip-Hop Fashion, Comes Out This June

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Tue, 05.19.15 at 1:18pm

Hip-hop and fashion really could not be anymore intertwined than they are today, but they’ve been tightly knit for a long time and now there’s a documentary that chronicles the changing tastes in fashion and hip-hop. Produced by Nas, Fresh Dressed is ...


The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily On Drugs) At The 2015 Billboard Music Awards

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Mon, 05.18.15 at 12:43pm

It's not whether you win or lose, it's how hard you party. ...


The Four Pins Guide To Swagging Out Your Dog

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Thu, 05.14.15 at 11:50am

It’s a known fact that dogs are the Air Yeezys of the animal kingdom. Dogs are loyal, cute and because they’re dependent upon you for food, water and shelter, they literally have to love you. It’s like having a mandatory ...


I Wore Jorts To Prom

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Wed, 05.13.15 at 1:11pm

A diary of the night of a lifetime. ...


Supreme Book Restock

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Tue, 05.12.15 at 1:44pm

Almost everyone I know has at least one or two things from Supreme. You can say that’s lame or you can say that’s a testament to the brand’s impact. Either way, you should buy the Supreme book—originally released in 2010, ...


Surprise Drop America: You Won’t See It Coming

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Tue, 05.12.15 at 1:14pm

“It started with music,” some old guy says, coughing. He takes a nip of hot water from a tin cup, wiping the dribble from his Coachella beard, a reminder, he says, of simpler times. “Beyoncé released that album without warning ...

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Ranking The Largest U.S. Fashion Companies

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Tue, 05.12.15 at 11:36am

We’re using the term “fashion” here a little bit loosely, but if we didn’t the headline on this story would be, like, 40 words and the SEO monkeys that help boost our traffic would throw their shit everywhere in protest. ...


President Obama Pits Nike Vs. New Balance

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Mon, 05.11.15 at 4:17pm

Nike vs. Adidas may be the most recognizable sneaker rivalry, but it seems that Nike vs. New Balance may be heating up due to some interesting political legislation that is set to invade Congress soon. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is aimed ...