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FSU Diploma

This Woman Is Selling Her College Diploma Because It Didn’t Help Her Get A Job

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Thu, 08.27.15 at 4:22pm

If you haven’t realized already, college is a sham. But it’s especially a sham when you major in something like theater, which is what this woman, Stephanie Ritter, found out after she graduated in 2011 from Florida State University. So, ...

group selfies

Teens And Their Group Selfies Are Apparently Spreading Lice

Written by
Wed, 08.26.15 at 2:15pm

Everyone remembers those days in school when the nurse would walk through the halls, stopping in at every classroom to do a lice inspection. When you put hundreds of children in one place, it’s a guarantee that there is going ...


Authorities Bust Drone About To Drop Contraband Into Maryland Prison

Written by
Tue, 08.25.15 at 4:26pm

We are admitted fans of drones here at Four Pins, which is why this story MUST NOT GO UNNOTICED. In Maryland, authorities uncovered a plot revolving around contraband being dropped into a state-run maximum security correctional facility via drone. Police ...

seinfeld sneakers

Why Jerry Seinfeld Is The Most Important Famous Sneakerhead

Written by
Mon, 08.24.15 at 4:07pm

Michael Jordan may┬ábe the Jumpman and a name that sells an incredible amount of sneakers, but Jerry Seinfeld is “the most important celebrity in sneaker culture” according to sneaker historian Gary Warnett over at Complex Sneakers. Admittedly, we’re big fans ...


Uniqlo Is Trying Out A Four Day Workweek

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Mon, 08.24.15 at 12:05pm

So, Uniqlo is switching the game up by implementing a four day workweek. Which, yeah, sounds fucking awesome. I personally advocate for a two and a half day workweek, but I’ll take three days off for sure. Obviously, as with ...

rag yards

Your Discarded Clothes Are Recycled And Turned Into Big Money At These “Rag Yards”

Written by
Wed, 08.19.15 at 1:20pm

The average American throws out about 70 pounds of clothing per year. Plenty of us try to make the most of our discarded pieces either through selling online or consignment stores or donating them to charity because we figure they’re ...

balo 3

Mario Balotelli’s New Puma Cleats For Kids Need To Be Set On Fire

Written by
Tue, 08.18.15 at 12:58pm

We don’t delve into the world of sports too often, but this one is too much. According to Footy Headlines, these are a new Mario Balotelli-inspired soccer shoe made with the kids in mind. They’re youth-sized shoes, which is fortunate ...

fashoin brands and hip hop

High-Fashion Rules Hip-Hop Right Now, But Nothing Touches Gucci, Louis Or Versace: A Graphical Analysis

Written by
Mon, 08.17.15 at 4:13pm

Quartz took a pretty broad look at the relationship between the worlds of fashion and hip-hop with the general consensus being that the look of rap has shifted from the widely popular “urbanwear” of the ’90s to a deeper, more ...


The Wonderful World Of Sneakerhead Moms

Written by
Mon, 08.17.15 at 1:30pm

There are two perpetual questions that pop into my head anytime I see photos of a youngish kid with an absurd sneaker collection or designer wardrobe: 1. Where the fuck are their parents? 2. How did they get enough money ...

fat jew NYFW

The Fat Jew, Everyone’s Favorite Joke Thief, Is Showing At New York Fashion Week

Written by
Mon, 08.17.15 at 11:52am

The Fat Jew, a man known for stealing the jokes of others and aggregating them on his Instagram account to much success, wants to be known for more than just a career based on thievery it seems. The Cut reports ...