How To Be A Productive Stoner

As a highly-acclaimed OG in the world of fashunz and digital medias (read: someone who has figured out how to make money in my pajamas), I've met a lot of talented dudes and dudettes. Real talk, absent of my usual sarcasm, I've had the pleasure or working with and learning from some incredible inspiring, hard-working and talented creatives since I left the comforting structure of college for the harsh realities of real life. Obviously, working mostly in fashion, I've met a lot of assholes who think their shoes or watch or haircut make them better than everybody else. But mostly it's been positive vibes. There is no magic formula for succeeding in a creative industry. Among the various writers, editors, photographers, designers, stylists, brand managers, etc. that I've respected, there isn't one common trait that unites them, except that they all smoke hella weed. Real talk, 98% of the $ucc$e$ful people I've worked with smoke dubious quantities of marijuana. The asshole with the haircut probably does real drugs and drinks cocktails he saw on Mad Men, but we're too old for real drugs and Mad Men hasn’t been good for, like, four years.

"But A-Lo," you question, "Being stoned doesn't really seem to gel with the get-shit-done attitude required to excel in the harsh world of digitized-creative-media-fashunz." This is true. Being a productive stoner takes work. It takes good weed habits. You know that kid you went to college with who was stoned all the time, but still got a 4.0 and was captain of the swim team and the editor of the school paper? Well, you're not him. This isn't college and you can't waste six hours Vining to Amped 3 once you've been in the real world and seen how much money you could make in that six hours. But fret not because The Pinz is here to help you find a way to be stoned most of the time AND avoid rotting away in a cubicle. Though, if you do happen to be rotting away in a cubicle, you might as well be stoned all the time. Let's run down the signature habits of the highly-effective stoner.

Angelo Spagnolo is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.