So, This Is What He Masturbates To

This book is by Claiborne Swanson Frank. If that name alone doesn’t garner, like, at least three purchases I don’t know what to think anymore. You know with a name like that this book basically boils down to really pretty women photographed really well. And this book just so happens to be full of American women. When a girl finally comes over to your place, this book will throw her for a loop. First, because it’s called American Beauty, she’ll think you are just super into Kevin Spacy and Mena Suvari's tits and rogue plastic bags. Then she’ll open it up and be like, “So, this is what he masturbates to.” At least she didn’t find that hidden folder on your computer. PASSWORD PROTECTION, SON. ALWAYS.

  • MaG

    batcave status with the porn, son.

  • Lj

    Private browsing, son.

  • JHilla

    Jon, who still downloads porn? Yes I realize this is 10 days late.

    • lawrences

      JHillz came through looking LATE.

  • jmalvarado

    Scored a free copy of this when the author and photog came through NM trying to push this piece. Cracked it open a few times and makes my coffee table look dope. Assouline makes some other sick coffee table books, check out Room With A View and Where Are You?