Social Media Etiquette 101

For better or worse, social media has become an incredibly important part of human interaction over the past few years. It allows for instantaneous, easy communication, and is a way that anyone can exchange their ideas for an audience of intimate friends or random strangers. The inclusiveness of social media means that anyone with an internet connection can sign up for Facebook or Twitter, and with this inclusiveness comes the likelihood that some people may not be using social media properly. Whether it's the rookie who's still figuring it out, or the veteran who has blown by warnings from friends that they are acting incorrectly, not everyone aces social media. There are distinct rules of etiquette that one should follow online and, hopefully, the following list can help!

Brendan O'Hare is attempting to be a writer and comedian while living in NYC. Follow his comedy jokes on Twitter here.

  • Swag Daddy

    proper grammar is 4 fools, not caring is the new cool. clearly im doing sum next lvl shit, i cant be bothered 2 dot my i’s and cross my t’s ya dig?

    • Nic

      i feel ya swag daddy

  • Mephisto

    Four Pins tells us not to misspell or make grammar mistakes… Funniest joke in this article

    • Tucci

      Came here to say the exact same thing

  • wallid h fielding

    Is the joke that there is no list? Or is the list just hidden behind bad site design somewhere?

  • Nic

    isn’t this like 6 years late? except the bears is kool bit. bears are cool.

  • Dee Jay

    TIL: Bears are cool.

  • Steve Thuro

    the pics of the bears are cool…

  • patricia estrella

    Written by: Brendan O’Bear?

    • Loveandalchemy

      You get my like for the effort. Just bearly..

  • keegsie

    stopped reading after the third bear reference.

  • Josh

    cool bears

  • HakunaMytatas

    Fuck Bears #honeybadger out hea