The 10 Hottest Skyscrapers In The Game Right Now

Have you ever looked up at a skyscraper and thought, “Damn, if that skyscraper were a rapper, which rapper would it be?” Me neither, but then one day, suddenly, I did. Because if there’s nothing better than being a snob about music, it’s being a snob about architecture. Thanks to your super cool friends at Four Pins, you can now too drop some high-level Wikipedia knowledge on your dumb friends by learning about the world’s tallest, gaudiest, steel phalli that man has ever built by realizing that if you think about anything long enough, you can draw some pretty tenuous comparisons.

  • cami

    where is the skytree !!!! i miss that

    or new london building

  • Evan Carlson

    Streetwear game, sneaker game, baseball game, I never realized there was a skyscraper game.

  • Themediabull

    I´ve always thought the Empire State Buildning get an undeservingly amount of attention compared to her more sexy little sister, the Chrysler

  • JG

    You missed the most obvious similarity between Kanye and Cocoon Tower. Notice in the photo that bulbous protrusion that looks suspiciously like an aluminum ballsack? It would appear Cocoon Tower and Kanye are both giant dicks.

  • Jeff

    Missing: The World Trade Center towers representing Biggie Smalls and Tupac. Two founding pillars or rap/skyline that are no longer around.

    Maybe this one is just depressing.

    • Dave s

      Awesome Jeff . Woulda been the absolute best on the list.

  • hypehypehype

    It’s funny cause I love Das Racist, I go to school in Portland, and I use the word dank on a daily basis.

  • PG

    CN Tower, Drake. How did you miss this? He’s been an entertainer for ages but only till they added some running lights/R&B vocals did anyone give a damn.

    • PG

      Also, Toronto.

  • Dave s

    Not a single nahmean. Proud of you boyee.

  • carbonara dreams

    someone should do a write up of wood grain. I would read it because u know … i fuck with wood nahmean