The 10 Types Of People You Meet In New York

When you move to New York, you’ll make lots of new friends. They won’t be your friends for life, because this isn’t summer camp, but they will fill your life with joy and happiness, envy and pain. You’ll meet actors and designers and PR chicks and bloggers and people who are famous and people who just think they are.

Let's explore the ten types you’ll assuredly meet during your (hopefully lifelong) tenure here. They are as varied as the colors of a black and white rainbow and no one knows where all their money comes from or where they are all going. But one thing’s for sure, though: They’re all going to tell you which Girls cast member went to their high school.

Rachel Seville is a writer living in New York who believes in miracles. Read her blog, Pizza Rulez, here and follow her on Twitter here.

  • mr. corleone

    haha pike

  • Joe

    1988 guy is what I imagine the staff of Spy magazine were like.

    • Rachel Seville

      Haha, right? A little coterie of CK Dexter Havens.

  • Themediabull

    How is it that some of the archetypes from your previous “The 10 types of people you will meet in SoHo”-list are missing here?

    Due to the rule of transitivity something doesn´t add up. Or are you telling me that this is NOT based on scientific material. In that case I´m deeply shocked. (- -)

  • Guest

    common denominator for this list would be 20somethings living off their parents, am I right?

  • Don

    This is an awful piece of writing. I got to the part about the “prolific tweeter” or whatever and sorry bub. I see your sticking in some San Diego references in here because you are short of material. What are you talking about there are no bookstore coffee places or whatever in NY. Go to Union Squre and you will see al three. Unless you wrote this ironically in which case the essay was so weirdly out together it flew over everyone’s heads. I have live in NY about 27 years went to school here and lived in all boroughs none of this profile matches. Not even 1988 guy back in 1988.

    • Lawrence

      I guess living in NY for 27 years is exactly the amount of time it takes for one’s sense of humor to completely die.

      • A. Wang

        suck it Don Draper

    • Jon


      • Taylor Bonostro

        what’s up with that? everyone’s gettin serious, geez

  • till507

    “Mayflower blood” just murdered me. That sounds weird.

  • Ardijan

    More like “The 10 Types Of People You Meet In Manhattan.” This was definitely written by some self-centered women who thinks Manhattan is all that’s in New York and is inhabited by people solely in their twenties.

    • Rachel Seville

      I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend. You could cut ties with all the lies that you’ve been living in, and if you do not want to see me again, I would understand. I would understand.

      • Taylor Bonostro

        hahahha! nice one rachel!

  • SC

    the dude who always underpays is rich because he saves his paper… by underpaying

  • Jason E

    This article made me unlike this entire website

    • Lawrence

      Hate to see you go. It’s been fun, Jason.

    • Rachel Seville

      Jasssoonnnnnnnnnnn JayyyYYYsooonnnnn nNooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Some Dude

    I like this article. Just the right amount of cynicism and very low on the abrasiveness.

  • Brasileiro

    Tried and failed to write like Jon Moy.

  • Femi Nieves

    hello world of ppl

  • mjloveforever

    this would be true & great if the title was more like “the 10 types of people you might meet in ny” or the “some ny types you might meet” as there 100s more you can’t mention in one tiny list-article thingy. a misleading title almost always gives little credibility to the writer. also, lyrics to R. Kelly assuming that’s the reference are “i don’t see nothin wrong, with a little bump n grind”