The 12 Types Of People You Meet In SoHo

Whether you live in NYC or just come to visit, you've got to recognize the magical melting pot that is SoHo. These historical 26 blocks comprise some of downtown Manhattan's best shopping, eating and living. Bordered by Houston to the north, Lafayette and Centre St. to the east, Canal St. to the south and West Broadway to the west (duh), SoHo is a portal into NYC's innate cool, complete with its own cast of crazy characters. After a little exhaustive research on your behalf, Four Pins is pleased to present the 12 types of people you meet in SoHo.

  • S

    You guys post some good stuff. But this is garbage. Horrible. The photos look like they were google image searched and there’s no consistency. The writing is cliche and trite. The subject matter is a massive bore.

    • lawrences

      So, S, let me ask you, who are you on this list?

      • Marc

        Definitely the Hipster… or Kanye. Actually, probably Kanye.

    • MaG

      judging by the logo in his avi, and the mysterious S…the hamburgular.

    • Guy

      S is probably number 15 in this list, the pretentious menswear blogger

  • aboynamedandy

    “Theophilus, you’ve been around for, like, four years and have two good songs, get the fuck over yourself.”

    Very fucking true.

  • Jonathan Green

    Dolphin treatment?

  • MaG

    agree on Theophilus, Blipsters, and Matrix moves on the “listen to my demo” street corner DMX-ers. they straight up will get M.O.P. on you if you don’t listen. i normlayy cross the street or wait for the unsuspecting white tourist to walk into their line of vision. 60% of the time it works every time.

  • Richard

    Can i be tumblr famous so i can sit around Saturdays drinking soy lattes? lawrence make me tumblr famous.

    • charlie

      can’t you sit around without being tumblr famous?

  • charlie

    someone seems a bit bitter at Theophilus.
    I know he dresses like he was on Sabrina the teenage witch, if it was on UPN, but a lil harsh, no?
    Someone get dap snubbed?

  • lucas

    2 for 5 purple tops. whatchu need is what i got.

  • Tjay

    This shit just makes me want to visit SoHo even more just to go sightseeing. And to throw all my life savings on about 2 pieces of high-end clothing of course. Fuck living in Kentucky, man.

    • MaG

      you gotta peace out homeboy. hit SoHo, get lost, get harassed, get mugged, and then live to tell about it.

      Or, just live in Kentucky, and probably not have to worry about any of the above mentioned.

  • AnonJDC

    Get it together. Seriously, I really like what four-pins has to offer but you guys are starting to look and sound a mess. I agree about blipsters (which is a really corny alternative) but putting a picture of Dee & Ricky is lazy because regardless if readers don’t know who they are, you guys probably do know who they are and also know that they don’t fit that criteria. Also, proofreading should be an obligation as a writer, I believe. “Your” not “You’re” (4 of 14) & can we just be honest here, obviously numerous of the four-pins writers have had a bad experience with Theophilus London had they have not they would be praising him… 2 songs, really? Lol

    • lawrences

      I can speak for all of Four Pins when I say that no one here cares about TL or D&R. Just because you are a fan and don’t appreciate our opinions doesn’t mean we are slipping. As per the error, thanks for the heads up, it’s been corrected.

  • christopher

    Definitely on point!!

  • AMRose

    That TL diss on the last slide was wack and irrelevant

  • REP96st

    I love this site… Please let me write an article here..

  • giovanni dennis

    Why you diss my man Theosophy,yo?ha

  • Dave Hahn

    Way to be racist with “couple of little Japanese dudes” description. You wouldn’t write that kind of “witty” description for blacks or latinos; strikes me as cowardly and ignorant to employed accepted standards of racism in your attempt to be edgy and humorous to which you failed both.

    • Nana Quaison Sackey

      :) (I thought of voting it up but a simple smile will have to do.)

  • Berto

    dawg why have we allowed Theophilus the Theophile to remain alive? Didn’t vibes sell like 4 copies worldwide? This man is literally just a gay black cowboy and he’s not fooling me…where the fuck is Nahfam when you need him?