The 15 Types Of Internet Commenters

Some sit behind the glow of a '02 Dell desktop in their mother’s basement and some are bathed in the celestial light of the fanciest MacBook Pro. They could be the guy pulling off a cashmere track suit with Berluti's or the guy breathing out of his mouth into a Gatorade he pets and calls “Steve, My Gatorade”.

They are the many commenters of the Internet and they have something to say. Usually. Sort of. Probably not. Ahead, let's get to know the different kinds of people who feel it's both their duty and their god given right to comment, and what they bring (or neglect to bring) to the table.

Rachel Seville is a writer living in New York who believes in miracles. Read her blog, Pizza Rulez, here and follow her on Twitter here.

  • The Atlas

    four-pins stahp the irony is killing me

  • john

    This writer always makes me laugh AND makes me think. What I like is, she doesn’t get a big head about it. Just goes on her merry way and writes! I happen to know via google search that her boyfriend is also attractive–imagine being an internet published writer AND having a successful love life. Impressive to juggle and boyfriend and a stressful career at once, let alone juggle. Actually every Monday night, before your regular Tuesday post goes live, I wonder if you are gazing at your boyfriend’s soft brown curls and praising heaven that her eyes are that beautiful blue. I mean wow.

    • Ekwinoks

      The guy who cares a great deal about someone he doesn’t kno/creepy staker ^^^

      • Ekwinoks

        Also works for this

  • Andrew

    Where might one find such sites with slideshows of brunette girls looking confused?

    • Jamie McKeon

      yeah anyone?

  • Josh

    I’m all of these at least once a week.

    • dilara dilemma

      hah! me too.:D burç

  • bekah

    she should prolly look up the definiton of race

  • jack

    four pins should turn off comments

    • Deaunte Shugart

      without comments no one will come like Green Label

      Be Young

  • neezy


  • CarlostheJackal

    Who still owns a Dell?

  • T

    yeah john is trying to smash or troll, or even both. Is it ok to say troll, dose that make me a type of commenter? Oh great now I’m the self-debater commenter. Is that spelled right? Shit! add self-conscious commenter, or rather comment-conscious. lol!…… no? Just joshing a bit I guess, but no, for real it’s interesting that you would try to organize the loud mouths that have diarrhea of the hands at the keyboard, who vomit comments with no accountability. Some of whom should face consequences for their given self display of stupidity, ignorance, lack or manners, unmistakable hatred, and sever lack of empathy and understanding. But then I guess that would take away from the entertainment (entertainment is wayyyy to overrated ). And thats it! Thats the end of my comment pretty much. And uh, oh yeah, Rachel Seville must be cute and/or have a nice personality or something to that effect. And last but not least you can add the, blabber, and the guy that spends too much time writing one comment.

    Sincerely Yours,

    In My Opinion