The Four Pins Guide To Disappointing Your Dad

Father's Day is this Sunday, but you probably already know that because you've probably already gotten about fifteen emails about some "great gifts for Dad." Like all children, you will take your dad out to brunch or something on Sunday, get him a lotto ticket and call it a day. Father's Day, and all the shitty gifts that it has begotten, is like a national holiday for the remembrance of disappointing your dad. And if we are experts at anything here at Four Pins, it's disappointing our dads. So, in lieu of a boring ass Father's Day Gift Guide that nobody wants to read, we are more than pleased to bring you, the Four Pins Guide to Disappointing Your Dad.


    I would totally date Taylor Swift then break her heart. When she writes a couple songs about me, I’d sue her for royalty fees then cop mad rare Japanese gear and look like a dope shaman mystic dude who’s traveling to support his music career, but ran out of money because his swag level was running at over 9000% and now he’s stuck in North Dakota. Sorry Dad, I needed to impress my internet friends – I hope you understand.