The Greatest Power Couples That Never Were

Power couples are a counterfeit comfort blanket, lulling us into thinking relationships always result in a love-filled trust explosion. Bonnie and Clyde, Lady and the Tramp, JLo and Diddy: all sent to earth to make us believe humanity is doing just fine. They’re our Perestroika.

Since most of us fail miserably at cuffing proper soul mates, we live vicariously through power couples—their weddings, their babies, their DUI soundbites are our own weddings, babies and DUI soundbites. Without power couples, marriage would become less of an eternal buddy system and more of a multi-year lease.

But what about the greatest power couples that never were? Think of this as a theoretical gossip rag from a sommelier specializing in pairings, reminding us that people can be made for each other outside of eHarmony.

Rick Morrison is a writer living in North Carolina. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • andre

    That was an interesting read

  • Nadia

    bosh/neytiri match up is everythang

  • Alexander

    So back in the day, the French foot was longer than the British foot. By British (current) standards of the imperial system, Napoleon was actually something like 5’7″ which was average for the time. He was also always seen in the company of his elite guard, which were obviously made up of the best and biggest of his troops. When the British government found out about all this, they made a caricature of his height and the rumor ran rampant. Not to dismiss the humor or sarcasm of this article, just thought it might be interesting to point out.