The Skirt: How To Avoid Being The Worst Couple Ever

"The Skirt" is an ongoing series in which Four Pins' resident lady friend, Rachel Seville, becomes the most important woman in your life.

You’ve met a cool woman who looks like she sits at Cafe Select for a living, whose playbook is Jay McInerney’s 1994 profile of Chloe Sevingy, who would rather wear your Sid Mashburn than her Ann Mashburn. And best of all, she’s like, “You’re my number one thing.”

But the battle has just begun. Because if you are going to date her, your friends are going to have to like her. And not only are they going to have to like her, they have to like the both of you, together. It’s not enough for people to say, “It’s so great that you don’t spend all his time on that spreadsheet of dog videos from World Star Hip Hop anymore” if they never see you because you and your girlfriend, who changed your Twitter bio to “always hunting for a skinnier pant,” are always hunting for a skinnier pant.

So now, for your experiential pleasure, here's how to be a couple that no one dislikes—and that everyone even enjoys!

Rachel Seville is a writer living in New York who believes in miracles. Read her blog, Pizza Rulez, here and follow her on Twitter here.

  • James Wilson

    Honestly, I only come here for Four Pins’ undying devotion to Kanye… and Seville

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      Figaro! Figaro!

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    yo, I come here for style tips and cool bro shit. pass judgement somewhere else. fuck I can’t believe you got paid to write this garbage

    • Lawrence

      You need to learn how to appreciate non-cool bro shit at some point in your life, homie.

    • Outrageously Pizza

      hi did we date???

  • whatever

    “when you pop in a Michelangelo Antonioni movie and turn off the lights and whisper in her ear, ‘This movie is about the absurdity of longing.'” PERFECT.

  • Young Scruff Scruff

    Nice reference to This Side of Paradis, bruh bruh

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    Worst entry ever. On any webpage. Ever. In the history of the interweb.

    Utter garbage.

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