The Women Of Pitchfork Music Festival

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Niraj Mehdiratta is a photographer living in Austin, Texas. Follow him on Instagram here and on Twitter here.

  • mmm

    i’m at the mcdonalds festival

  • Jean Paul Versace

    ayeeee 10 and 13

    • Popo the Trapstar

      Jean, you crazy ass hoe; it’s all about 1,6 and 15.

  • dan the man

    no black hipster goddesses ?

    • Popo the Trapstar

      16 looks to be the closest

    • violetfury

      oh, that’s what I thought too

    • violetfury

      but it’s a known fact that #menswear doesn’t care about black girllls

  • cmoney716

    why do white people always go to festivals and shit and read books?

    • Carlos

      To impress the Vonnegut set,

    • Popo the Trapstar

      because looking insightful whilst reading some obscure novel requires an audience. #soobvious #yourcommentmadememad #rarehipsterswag #washashtaggingbeforetwitter

  • the rolling blackouts podcast

    Will someone please tell that poor little white girl that she is supposed to light the pipe after she puts it in her mouth.

  • oh ok

    fuck you – show me the Y-chromosome-bearing assholes these #bitties deign to hang around. I need to know who I gotta be…

  • Queef Richards

    Arent these chicks really there to meet/fuck dudes in bands and hang out backstage in vip?

    • Dave Hahn

      That’s misogynist.

  • slow_t

    nice use of instagram filters

  • Marucla

    VSCO filters, VSCO filters as far as the eye can see…

  • David

    #10 straight up looks like Ryan Gosling in a wig.

  • arnolddrummer

    what makes these chicks hipsters? is it because u photographed them at a festival and put some weird ass nostalgic filter on them?? or because the are wear mixed, matched prints with big ass ironic sunglasses. besides they ain’t hot! wtf is a hipster anyway..