What I Learned During My First Month In New York City

I, the author, recently moved to New York City so I could attend a university. I did so because I used to attend a different university I found unsatisfactory. In the school-swapping business, we call this “transferring.” Basically, I transferred because I wanted to live my dumbdumb life in New York City, in order to take in all it has to offer and further pursue my passion for comedy jokes. From what I’ve been told, everyone in New York City has their dreams come true, so it was any easy choice for me. While I’ve been here, I’ve noticed a few things, and as the title rudely spoils, I am going to tell you what I’ve noticed.

Brendan O'Hare is attempting to be a writer and comedian while living in NYC. Follow his comedy jokes on Twitter here.

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  • @Home_Halfway

    You’re a funny guy and I’m rooting for you, man. Wishing you the best of luck!

    • WAVY

      Co-sign (altough you sound soft as fuck). This was pretty funny indeed

      • WAVY


  • aaaa

    best of luck in ny but spare us the sus banterings of these interns. MOY/WOOLF. we aint asked for nothin else.

    • Lawrence

      Brendan is not an intern.

      • eddie murphy

        maybe he should be?

        • WAVY

          You’re delirious man

      • Y

        Who are you, the Four Pins gatekeeper/bodyguard/firewall? Let the writers speaks for themselves and stop being such a deadpaned big brother type Lawrence. I’m sure they can wipe their own ass.

        • Lawrence

          The proper term is Overlord. Also, I was simply stating that Brendan is, in fact, NOT an intern.

  • Jamie Clawson


  • pipokun

    your first mistake. we don’t ever ever wear sandals here. just don’t do it.

    • http://instagram.com/stevenamir SC

      correction: don’t ever wear sandals anywhere*


    ….This is really any city.

  • SHAQ

    dead @ dogs in sweaters
    this guy sounds really funny

  • Kevin

    not half bad.

  • Jordan Tunnicliff

    Replace New York for London and I have the same experience. Except for the sandals, I mean dude, seriously?

    • ola

      lmaooo yeah when i read this is just reminds me of LDN

  • joeyrobots

    you just sound suburban. maybe you are funny to people in the suburbs. like Ray Romano. But to a New Yorker you just sound like an amateur

  • GEB

    I don’t get it

  • Walt

    quite possibly the most UNfunny thing i’ve read. painful.

  • Actual New Yorker

    Just so you know, you’re still a tourist after living in NYC for a week. You’re fare from exempt buddy

    • Actual New Yorker

      Also, Museuom of Modern Art is MOMA not MUoMA….so yea you suck

      • Lawrence

        You must be one of those actual New Yorkers devoid of a sense of humor I keep on hearing about.

    • pipokun

      you can still be a tourist around here after 10 years of residency.

  • Dick Rooster

    This guy is terrible Couldn’t get through the third slide. You serious pinz???????



  • steve

    that was terrible. that kid sucks.

  • Anon

    Sarcastic guy on the internet! *slow clap* Good luck with your witty writing! (see I’m doing it too)