15 Ways You’re Being A Dick To Her And Don’t Even Know It

Most of the time, you think you are perfect little dolls as boyfriends. And you are! But then again, I'm not dating you, because this is the Internet and I am actually a 45-year-old Norse troll dubstep musician named Rungnir.

But even though we aren’t dating, I bet I could tick off a big barrel of ways you’re being an absolute rat without even realizing it! I can already see your comment wheels spinning: “We CAnaaAN’T do ANYthing WRRiIIght!” Well, you definitely can’t spell, but other than that, surprisingly, there are really only 15 other things you’re doing wrong. So, how are you being an unwitting dick? Let me count the ways...

Rachel Seville is a writer living in New York who believes in miracles. Read her blog, Pizza Rulez, here and follow her on Twitter here.


41 Responses to “15 Ways You’re Being A Dick To Her And Don’t Even Know It”


    This is the golden age of television, women don’t have to be crying about bullshit. Also, men cry too. DON’T PRETEND YOU HAVEN’T BEEN CRYING DURING BREAKING BAD, BRO.


    I actually love this site though. Nice Job, Rachel.

    • Clifford Harris Jr.

      Irish people piss on the Blarney Stone at night, in the same way we shit on authors in the comments for using all caps.

  2. Anthony Sykes II

    I feel as though half of these are completely unreadable. This has been a troubled one, Rachel.

  3. ADE760NYC

    Did a tween with crappy sentence structure skills write this? Guys don’t leave your crusty gym socks in the bathroom, don’t change the channel when I go get YOU something from the kitchen and don’t leave me alone to “bond” with your mom. Everything and anything else you do will be recanted to my BFF via text. She will then judge you with those BFF judging eyes accordingly.

    • Jacob Heckman

      Yeah but chances are she hates us already because she’s one of those overbearing BFF’s who can’t get a man of her own and so has relied on you to be her partner of sorts. Which is why whenever you two get drunk she tries to grope you and play the kissing game.

      She doesn’t want to lose you because in her mind you two are a couple, that or she wants you to stay in the same boat out of jealousy!

  4. Azzy

    This is honestly the worst written article I’ve ever read. I thought “hey, maybe i can learn some stuff from these 15 ways that I’m not even realizing.” That isn’t what happened. This crap barely has a cohesive thought. Here’s a clue, you listed 15 ways a guy has been a dick to you but the fact is, he was fed up because hyou obviously had a lobotomy at some point. Good luck getting some function back in your frontal lobe.

  5. Taqo

    Really, there are worse things than a poorly written article. You people give too many fucks.

    • PurpleTantrum

      There are worse things than a poorly written article, yes, but that is true of life in GENERAL. When you’re actually READING and attempting to comprehend the material, then it’s actually extremely important that it be well written. There are so many different mistakes that a writer can make, and if you have a multitude of them happening in one article, your readers will be confused and irritated.

      I hope the author will see this and be able to accept some suggestions. Use a book called Scribbner’s Handbook for Writers. It’s a reference book set up with an easy to navigate index, headings and subheadings. It’s THE bible for writing. Also, make an outline when you write. It sounds like extra time and energy, but it keeps you channeled and organized. Example: number 1 to 10 and list 10 ways a man can show he’s a great guy. Use shorthand, no more than 3-4 words per each entry. Now go back and explain each one in detail. Add examples and use quotes or stories where you like. NOW write the article with the outline. Use complete ideas, complete sentences. Spell check, grammar check, have someone read it and LISTEN for suggestions that will make the article easier to understand or flow better. ASK the opinions of other women about what makes a great guy. Ask a great guy! And finally, practice-practice-practice. Take a class at your community college. Do NOT give up!!

  6. Philippe

    I guess this is what they call the stream of thought school of writing? I was trying to read it in the voice of Vicky Pollard, but even then it didn’t make much sense. Were the titles things men do wrong, or things they should be doing?
    Confusing… -_-;

  7. electrelane

    I had to reread more than half of these…Four Pins needs to realize that having this woman write for them not only detracts from the overall legitimacy of their site, but it also makes women look bad. Is she dating someone from Four Pins? Because, otherwise my mind cannot wrap around why you would hire someone who can’t structure sentences properly or convey ideas in a comprehendible way. I’ve felt a sense of befuddlement with every article I’ve read that she has penned. There are PLENTY of whip-smart, humorous, and fashion/relationship savvy lady writers who deserve to have their opinions heard (a la Leandra Medine)…please put Rachel to rest.

  8. raysaprates

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  9. kate

    This is written really badly and makes no fucking sense. Good idea 4 article but I can’t leave this open on my phone for when my bf snoops thru it bcoz he won’t know what the fuck you r on about. Stop trying to sound funny and speak from your fee lings. It will have the desired effect then.

  10. kate

    Fuck I just had to fucking post again because I am furious at how fucking shocking and atrocious and fucking bad this is. OMFG. I want something that I can leave for my bf to see coz if I tell him directly he’ll go into fucking denial and I thought finally! Perfect! this article! Then just fucking ruined my 4 minutes trying to decipher this labyrinth of crap. I give it NO STARS.

  11. Jacob Heckman

    find out how to earn 75 dollars per day from your own home. Just quickly visit: It’s called not letting her have access to your checking account!


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