Why Ben Affleck Is Going To Be The Worst Batman Ever

Yesterday, it was announced that Ben Affleck (Jersey Girl, Gigli) will be playing the role of Batman in the sequel to this year’s Superman movie, Man of Steel.

In an interview, director Zack Snyder described Affleck’s potential as the caped crusader using phrases like, “acting chops” and, “layered portrayal”, and then followed by saying “I can’t wait to work with him.”

The following list outlines why Snyder is a delusional boob, and why Ben Affleck should probably sit this one out.

Matt Rimer is a writer living in Boston. Follow him on Twitter here.


11 Responses to “Why Ben Affleck Is Going To Be The Worst Batman Ever”

  1. Jordan Tunnicliff

    Devil’s advocate: All the reasons above could be why he is a GOOD batman. Why? Because everyone has such low expectations of both of them that they have to put up or shut up. Also with the calibre of films today, the Joel Shumacher’s of the world can’t get away with that faff anymore.

  2. TheRealPaperKut

    I love how this list manages (intentionally?) to avoid talking about the good things Ben Affleck and Zach Snyder have accomplished. Not that like Ben as Batman (I don’t), I just think your reasoning is fucking stupid.

  3. Jugglinglivebabies

    This article is so bad, it almost ruined the entire internet.

  4. gavin

    I was against Ben Affleck as Batman til I read this garbage. I can’t stand when people write their assumptions as if they’re actual fact. You won’t find anything in this article that isn’t already a comment on Youtube.


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