Why I Still Live With My Mom

You think your life is rough? I live with my fucking mom, bro. You think I’m crazy? You’ve never met my fucking mom. To be honest though, it’s fucking great. Like, out of this world awesome. Some people try to make fun of me, calling me a momma’s boy, telling me I’m worthless, not giving me money for college—fuck you, dad. I have to agree to some extent, though. I mean, that one time a year I’m lucky enough to sneak a girl up the creaky ass stairs to my mom’s attic, it is a little degrading to my self-esteem. But life is all about picking your battles and knowing your limitations. And best believe I know mine. Anyway, here’s the top reasons why I’m postponing moving out of my mom’s house.

  • Shane

    All joking aside, and I know I’m stating the obvious here, but I dig the fact that Lawrence & Co have really played up the “nerd” element of menswear. It’s not all Deen and McQueen. The fact is, we’re no different than those sweaty kids standing in line at Best Buy, waiting to get their copy of Halo 4 (aside from the fact that our drop crotch pants are intentional). Menswear should be fun and light. There’s enough super-serious blogs and Tumblrs to last a shitty lifetime. It’s just fucking clothing.

    Keep doin’ your thing.

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  • Nico

    bru u described my life. but pls move out, dont become me, u will never hang out with ppl anymore and thats not cool.

  • Anna

    Are you actually gonna, like, list the reasons?

  • Art

    James, You are a fucking boss!

  • Hamzah

    Don’t worry, I still live with my mom. But it’s mostly because I’m 17.

  • Untitled

    I been doing my thang since 87 son!

  • Tjay

    Well played James, well played…

  • http://twitter.com/aboynamedandy aboynamedandy

    Hahaha so true.

  • http://estemar.tumblr.com/ Tiago

    u go gurl