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Let ‘Em Wallow In Their Ignorance

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Thu, 04.09.15 at 5:03pm

Oh snap, Reebok just released my favorite colorway for Reebok sneakers other than all white: all gray. There’s not much else to say or describe or explain as to why you guys should cop these sneakers. True, some of your ...

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Historic Vision And Swagger Jacking

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Thu, 04.09.15 at 4:43pm

Is swagger jacking someone a compliment or an insult? I remember an old, classic television show by the name of Jersey Shore that first touched on the phenomenon of swagger jacking or “swacking.” Basically, it means that you are an unoriginal ...

iris apfel

Designers Should Cater To Senior Citizens According To Iris Apfel, National Treasure

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Thu, 04.09.15 at 4:21pm

With the documentary focused on her life hitting theaters later this month, Iris Apfel has been given more and more coverage and we are all the more blessed for it as she is a goddamn national treasure. The New York Times Magazine ...


Only You Can Prevent Forced Comparisons

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Thu, 04.09.15 at 4:05pm

Four shouts to Oi Polloi for incorporating an Edward Hopper reference into their copy on this Customellow popover shirt. This thing has got, like, three different color panels on it and a big ass chest pocket that you’ll never use ...

online shopping

Move Over Ladies, Men Are Now The Most Active Online Shoppers

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Thu, 04.09.15 at 3:39pm

How often do you shop online? Literally every minute of every day? I fucking thought so. Same here. You may not have known this, but you’re contributing to the fact that men are now the leading online shoppers in the ...


Out Here Like Suze Orman

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Thu, 04.09.15 at 3:22pm

Phenomenon made this reversible nylon varsity jacket for you guys. All you have to do to thank them is give Union $750 plus shipping if you don’t live in Los Angeles. That’s not a bad exchange if you think about ...

nike scheme

Ex-Nike Employee Sentenced In $800,000 Stolen Sneaker Scheme

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Thu, 04.09.15 at 3:13pm

Late last year, Nike employee Kyle Yamaguchi plead guilty to playing a part in in a conspiracy to sell hundreds of sneakers the company ordered from one of its Chinese factories. Today, he was sentenced for his involvement. Yamaguchi handed ...


Wasting Your Life On Skinny Jeans And Justin Bieber’s Haircut

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Thu, 04.09.15 at 2:45pm

You guys probably sag your pants a little bit unless you’re so young that the whole concept of sagging your pants passed you by while you wasted your life on skinny jeans and Justin Bieber’s haircut. Well, y’all motherfuckers done ...


The Complete History Of GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers In America

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Thu, 04.09.15 at 2:09pm

Where are they now? ...


Ninjas Rejoice! Nike Is Bringing Back The Air Rift

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Thu, 04.09.15 at 12:30pm

Who amongst us has not dreamed of being a ninja at some point in our lives? Did you not attempt to play assassinate your family pet when you were a child? I think we all have. For those of us ...