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Club Monaco x Lardini Is Grown And Sexy

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Wed, 04.08.15 at 4:36pm

Club Monaco teamed up with Lardini to make a bunch of jackets, linen trousers and a dope reversible trench so you can get your grown and sexy on. They shot the editorial at a really nice looking Italian restaurant, which ...


I Know You Think You Know It All

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Wed, 04.08.15 at 3:49pm

The homie Chris Black clearly has more ambition than us because he actually wrote and got a book published while we’re all still talking about how our book ideas will “really fill a badly neglected niche in the industry” or ...


Real Recognize Realtree

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Wed, 04.08.15 at 3:07pm

The last time using camo on sneakers was cool was 2006. True SF, one of the once uber cool sneaker boutiques, released a Humara with gum soles and an olive camo distressed leather upper. My friend Gary said after he ...

haruki in UC

Legendary Author Haruki Murakami Loves Undercover

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Wed, 04.08.15 at 2:45pm

The web is a very wonderful place, my friends. Through various means of electronic packets of information flying through cyberspace, you are able to learn new and cool things in a matter of moments. Here’s one that flew across my ...


Ritual Of Rivals

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Wed, 04.08.15 at 2:25pm

The Nomad crew beamed some shots of their spring 2015 editorial, entitled “Ritual of Rivals,” over to Four Pins HQ aka my inbox and now I’m beaming it over to Skylar and LAS’ inboxes with some words added to the ...


A Very Sensible Pair Of Pants

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Wed, 04.08.15 at 2:01pm

I’ve had a minor shift in clothing philosophy of late, moving away from the likes of atypical designer or limited sneakers to pants. Yeah, pants. It’s a weird transition, I agree. I mean, fucking pants? What’s the deal with pants ...


If You’re Hot, Take Your Shirt Off

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Wed, 04.08.15 at 1:26pm

Orley made this chunky ass knit cardigan just in time for you to buy it and stand in your air conditioned apartment and marvel at how amazing you look. Yeah, it’s starting to get hot outside, but you know what? ...

raf ss 15

Raf Simons Shares His Spring/Summer 2015 Memories

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Wed, 04.08.15 at 1:05pm

As per usual, Raf Simons is the man of the moment. His relatively universal admiration and the fact that Dior and I is already being heralded as of the best fashion documentaries of all time is definitely keeping him at the forefront ...


DVS’ Guide To Springtime

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Wed, 04.08.15 at 12:35pm

Springtime. The Devil’s Playground. Ol’ Flowery. Fuck City, USA. Whatever you call it, it spells RESULTS. Personally, I don’t call ANY of the seasons by their unenlightened names because IT’S RUDE and cuz I’m not a goddamn infant. Instead, I ...


The World Is Going To Burn, The Oceans Are Going To Rise

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Wed, 04.08.15 at 12:02pm

Guys, I’m losing my grip on reality. I seriously am going to buy a really expensive belt pack or “fanny pack” if you wanna be a dick about it. I don’t care anymore. The day LAS got verified the backspace ...