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A Kind Of Guise Spring/Summer 2015 Does Not Waste Its Youth

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 12:04pm

A Kind of Guise teleported over their latest lookbook featuring their new S/S 15 collection and the city of Athens. This lookbook and the gear itself makes me really regret that I’ve never been on a grand European tour. You ...


Derek Zoolander And Hansel Walked In Valentino’s Paris Runway Show

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 11:21am

The timeline was absolutely on fire this morning (so hot right now) as it came to light that Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson both walked in Valentino’s ready-to-wear womenswear S/S 15 collection at Paris Fashion Week. This is all well ...


Embracing Fatherhood

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 10:54am

I know I’ve been writing a lot about cardigans lately, like these GRP bubble-stitch joints (in navy, beige and grey), but I just think cardigans are crucial to the current weather patterns we are experiencing. Again, the look is white ...


In Case You Weren’t Aware, Fashion Is Actually A Boys Club

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 10:40am

I like to think affectionately think of Four Pins as Woman Repeller, the male counterpart to Man Repeller. Our functions are pretty similar, discussing fashion in a way that essentially completely and utterly turns off the opposite sex. So I ...


Watching The World And Your Worries Just Waft Away

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Mon, 03.09.15 at 4:46pm

It’s pretty much established fact by now that Junya will always make three or four or, like, a billion things I want to buy every single season. This season, I would totally let someone give me a G bar for ...


The Rarest Of Rare Hemlines, The Longest Of Long Shirts

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Mon, 03.09.15 at 4:12pm

Well, it’s official, fam. Craig Green just dropped the rarest of rare hemlines, the longest of long shirts. A lot of people will just assume it’s a coat and you should let them rest easy in their assumption instead of ...


Watching People Lead Eclectic And Culture-Filled Lives On The Internet

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Mon, 03.09.15 at 3:41pm

Don’t you guys wish you could own a Raf Simons parka? And, like, maybe one that’s a little bit nicer (read: cooler) than just a Fred Perry collabo joint? A Raf Simons parka has gotta be on the all time ...


EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Yeezy Season 1 Lookbook Leaks

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Mon, 03.09.15 at 2:11pm

All of the scans. ...


Nike ACG Spring/Summer 2015 Continues To Scale Buildings Solely For The Sake Of Sick Instagrams

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Mon, 03.09.15 at 1:50pm

Nike ACG returned in December much to the joy of many an urban techwear fanatic, at least until they saw the prices. Still, the gear was dope. For S/S 15, ACG is bringing in a couple of new pieces to ...


The Secret Shame Of All Black Everything

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Mon, 03.09.15 at 1:21pm

“When I went to school I used to wear the same clothes, they used to laugh and joke but now I’m fucking all these n****s’ hoes.” – Speaker Knockerz I’m not sure when it happened, but there came a point ...