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EPONYMOVS Fall/Winter 2015 Twists The Traditional

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Mon, 03.09.15 at 12:59pm

When menswear started to evolve a couple of years ago, I was kinda worried about brands that had built a foundation upon very tailored and suiting-oriented looks. Some of them have fallen off for sure, but others have changed with ...


Inside The Early Days Of Alexander McQueen

Written by
Mon, 03.09.15 at 12:31pm

The late Alexander McQueen remains a legendary, looming figure within fashion. At times, he shunned the standards of the industry and often compelled controversy. Whatever your feelings about him, you can’t deny how he made his way in the business, ...


Salvy Fall/Winter 2015 Will Make You Say A Prayer To Your Proxy

Written by
Mon, 03.09.15 at 11:54am

Is there anything worse than finding a solid brand and not even having the option to buy anything from it? I’m not even talking about the fire shit you catch vapors off of like some random ass Tumblr photo you ...


Yohji Yamamoto Talks Muses

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Mon, 03.09.15 at 11:37am

There are few people within fashion that we would just like to hear talk for hours on end more than Yohji Yamamoto. In short, he’s the fucking man. On a more detailed note, his approach to design and life is ...


Supreme x Undercover Is Raw

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Mon, 03.09.15 at 11:14am

Ever since word got out that Supreme was collaborating with Undercover, everyone has been chomping at the bit to see what the final product would be. The gear didn’t drop with the rest of the S/S 15 collection a couple ...


New York City Street Style: March 9, 2015

Written by
Mon, 03.09.15 at 10:49am

George Elder shoots NYC's most stylish. ...


Kindergarten Scissors

Written by
Fri, 03.06.15 at 4:52pm

This T-shirt from Still Good is pretty, um, good? I kinda wish the crinkle texture was all over the shirt rather than blocked out, but I’m also a grown ass man who realizes that not everything can be perfect. I ...


Smoked Out While Staring At The Sunset

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Fri, 03.06.15 at 4:10pm

White Mountaineering sure makes a good ass jacket and this coated canvas spring coat is spot on. I always imagine people who can afford White Mountaineering at full retail have really dope lives. Like, they drive vintage, air-cooled automobiles during ...


It Me All Day

Written by
Fri, 03.06.15 at 3:40pm

Monitaly is the fucking truth. The construction details on all their garments are always insane and sometimes their simple seemingly designs belie the amount of workmanship put into them. Of course, you’re reminded of all that work in the pricepoint. ...


Artisanal Empire

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Fri, 03.06.15 at 3:06pm

Gosha really is that new wave though and this denim jacket is fucking lit. The quilted panel detail is a strong move. Handcrafts are where it’s at. Trust me. I see everyone carrying real simple pottery pieces in their online ...