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Sgt. Slaughter

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Fri, 04.17.15 at 11:51am

I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I’ve been eying this excursion pack from Teranishi—formerly known as Truman Handcrafted—for a while now. I just want to wear this bag and Hot Tub Time Machine my ass back to college. I ...

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Inside The World Of Fashion Influencer Marketing

Written by
Fri, 04.17.15 at 11:18am

Short documentaries are the truth. I’m talking sub-20 minute joints that get straight to the fucking point and are not on some film school dropout type shit. Sure, there’s always room for full-lengths, but there’s nothing worse than a documentary ...

womenswear menswear

Why Menswear Is And Always Will Be Womenswear’s Little Brother

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Fri, 04.17.15 at 10:50am

It’s no secret that menswear is booming. It’s also no secret that womenswear is still disproportionately bigger than menswear. In an essay for Style Dot Com, former Four Pins founding editor and king of the skatewear exclusive, Noah Johnson, wonders if ...


Drake In Real Life

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Thu, 04.16.15 at 6:11pm

A week with the most popular rapper on the planet. ...

jcrew catalogs

J.Crew’s Catalogs Haven’t Changed in Almost 30 Years

Written by
Thu, 04.16.15 at 3:56pm

The Huffington Post did the dirty work and dug into the archives of iconic Americana prep purveyor J.Crew to show us that the brand’s catalogs and product selection haven’t really changed all that much in the brand’s 27 years. They ...


From Editor Coats™ To Editor Garments™

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Thu, 04.16.15 at 3:22pm

Moy gloriously coined the “Editor Coat™” last year. It’s a term that I still think about on a regular basis because it is so accurate, it’s fucking scary. I’ve begun applying it to basically every other piece of clothing, making ...


7.8 Times More Fire

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Thu, 04.16.15 at 2:50pm

O’Ballou has a brand name that reminds me of, like, the bear from The Jungle Book, except, I guess, Irish in this scenario? That’s neither here nor there. HAVE YOU GUYS SECURED YOUR GOLD CHAIN YET? If not, you might ...

nike teens

Nike Is Sonning The Competition When It Comes To Teens

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Thu, 04.16.15 at 2:19pm

According to Business Insider, Nike is straight up mopping the floor with all the other brands it’s competing against when it comes to reaching the teens. A recent survey done by a research firm asked teenagers what their preferred clothing ...


100% Dead Serious About Being A Stay At Home Dad

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Thu, 04.16.15 at 1:56pm

This Omnigod chambray pullover probably made the artsy mom in all of us jump for joy. This is some straight Chico’s fire and if you need any more encouragement about this shirt you probably don’t really like anything, let alone ...

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Turning Garbage Into Denim Is A Beautiful Thing

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Thu, 04.16.15 at 1:16pm

Here’s a bit of environmentalism for your day as you dunk your takeout lunch container into the trash. You probably don’t even recycle, you dirty piece of human garbage, which is exactly what this short documentary is about. i-D premiered The ...