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Overdressed Vs. Underdressed: An Eternal Struggle

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Wed, 04.01.15 at 11:52am

A guy walks into a bar wearing a crisp shirt when everyone else is in tees. That dinner you didn’t bother to change for ends up being classier than expected. If you’re famous, whatever, you can get away with anything. ...


A.P.C.’s Jean Touitou Owns Up To His Ignorance

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Wed, 04.01.15 at 11:05am

Jean Touitou’s F/W 15 collection for A.P.C. made waves around the world. And not the good kind. His irresponsible use of racial slurs caused Timberland to pull its boot collaboration with the company almost immediately. He hasn’t exactly gotten himself ...


Stegosaurus Of The Squad

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Wed, 04.01.15 at 10:40am

Matthew Miller must be a solid guy because he made you assholes a raincoat that features a single detail to set it apart from all your asshole friends’ raincoats. That gigantic ass box pleat in the back is a nice ...

versace rip off

Versace Clearly Ripped Off This T-Shirt Design

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Tue, 03.31.15 at 5:02pm

Of all places to rip off a design from, Versace chose American Apparel. According to The Cut, this black and white design of a face was the work of Kesh, a L.A.-based designer that created a capsule collection for American ...

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Bodega Spring/Summer 2015 Tastes Divine

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Tue, 03.31.15 at 3:56pm

Bodega just beamed us their S/S 15 lookbook and it’s full of everything the Boston retailer is known for: baseball jerseys, dope snapbacks, the occasional camo piece and, of course, graphic tees. I love Bodega, the boutique, and I love ...


Selfie Shoes Have Zero Juice

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Tue, 03.31.15 at 3:17pm

Guys, I can’t even tell what is a joke and what isn’t anymore. Is this just a really elaborate and expensive way to troll people in 2015? Watch the video and you be the judge. SELFIE SHOES. Let that shit ...

fashion critics

The Not-So Glamorous Life Of A Fashion Critic

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Tue, 03.31.15 at 2:35pm

Let’s be really real right for a second. Being a fashion critic is peak. For, like, three months every year you’re super busy and swamped. You have to travel around the world (probably on a rag’s dime) and look at ...


Birdman Goes Birdwatching

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Tue, 03.31.15 at 1:50pm

If you’re sick of bucket hats let me apologize real quick, but probably not though because I just don’t care enough about your opinions. I like that these EG hats have a chinstrap. It’s a detail that you’ll never really ...


Running The Risk Of Being Dangerously Corny

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Tue, 03.31.15 at 1:34pm

Beware, for you are entering a dangerously corny zone right here. The risk of completely fucking blowing it is dangerously high. These Zegna slip-on sneakers are one step away from ripping all your shoelaces out and fastening your shit with ...

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Quit Your Dream Job

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Tue, 03.31.15 at 12:56pm

Check out these Buck Mason tees. Sure, they’re, like, Made in the USA or whatever, but let’s be honest, none of us care where something is made as long as it looks dope. But they have a nice, slightly curved ...