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Tripping On A Weekend Trip

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 3:50pm

I’ve decided I’m not going on anymore weekend trips until I own some iteration of a dope ass duffel bag. The Beijing Duffel from Lexdray would be perfect for a quick trip up north. It’s got enough room to fit ...


The Work Laugh

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 2:57pm

This Norse Projects sweatshirt looks exactly like the type of sweatshirt your dad would wear to, like, a weekend BBQ. I mean, not necessarily a BBQ that he wants to attend, but more like an obligatory party for his boss’ ...


Good Thing All Pictures Tell A Story

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 2:18pm

Ala Champ is out here publishing in both French and Japanese so you can own a magazine written in two languages that you can’t read. Good thing all pictures tell a story, right? I want to live a strictly Paris ...


Levi’s Made & Crafted Spring/Summer 2015 Is Whitewashed

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 1:45pm

I’ve been sitting on this Levi’s Made & Crafted lookbook for no particular reason, but today felt like a pretty good time to bust it out. I really like the way this collection looks: slim with light colors and simple ...


Let ‘Em Feel Your Aura

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 12:52pm

Our Legacy calls this their “Lizard parka.” I’m not sure why they named it that, but I bet if you asked the Our Legacy crew they’d have an interesting anecdote. Or they’d be like, “LMAO who cares, fam? No one ...


Patta Spring/Summer 2015 Is Your New Plug

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 12:31pm

When we write about Patta, it’s typically because the shop has a dope collaboration dropping with, like, Carhartt or Stussy, but the Dutch sneaker spot also has some solid in-house apparel as well and just released its S/S 15 lookbook. ...

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A Kind Of Guise Spring/Summer 2015 Does Not Waste Its Youth

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 12:04pm

A Kind of Guise teleported over their latest lookbook featuring their new S/S 15 collection and the city of Athens. This lookbook and the gear itself makes me really regret that I’ve never been on a grand European tour. You ...


Derek Zoolander And Hansel Walked In Valentino’s Paris Runway Show

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 11:21am

The timeline was absolutely on fire this morning (so hot right now) as it came to light that Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson both walked in Valentino’s ready-to-wear womenswear S/S 15 collection at Paris Fashion Week. This is all well ...


Embracing Fatherhood

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 10:54am

I know I’ve been writing a lot about cardigans lately, like these GRP bubble-stitch joints (in navy, beige and grey), but I just think cardigans are crucial to the current weather patterns we are experiencing. Again, the look is white ...


In Case You Weren’t Aware, Fashion Is Actually A Boys Club

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Tue, 03.10.15 at 10:40am

I like to think affectionately think of Four Pins as Woman Repeller, the male counterpart to Man Repeller. Our functions are pretty similar, discussing fashion in a way that essentially completely and utterly turns off the opposite sex. So I ...