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creative directors

When It Comes To Creative Directors, Moving Units Is All That Matters

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Fri, 03.06.15 at 2:21pm

This essay by Alexander Fury for The Business Of Fashion, entitled “At The Head Of Historic Houses, Does Fit Really Matter?”, is basically asking if a creative director’s style and pedigree actually matter in terms of the brand they’re designing ...


BREAKING: Alexander Wang Has Never Gone To The Gym

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Fri, 03.06.15 at 1:03pm

Ahead of Balenciaga’s RTW show at Paris Fashion Week (which you can live stream here), The Guardian sat down with Alexander Wang, the young designer who has worked his way up to fashion’s highest order. He’s creative director for Balenciaga, ...


Adidas Lets Us In On Some Company Business

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Fri, 03.06.15 at 12:14pm

What are we, a business website? No, we’re not, but Adidas did drop its annual report for 2014 yesterday and considering the fact that Adidas is on that comeback wave, we might as well highlight a thing or two. Oh, ...


GQ’s Hilarious “Gentlemen Lobsters” Is Back For Season 2

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Fri, 03.06.15 at 11:36am

GQ‘s absolutely fucking hilarious animated comedy, “Gentlemen Lobsters,“ is back for a 10-episode second season. The premiere ep debuted last month, but we may have been too busy with New York Fashion Week to really notice, but here we are ...

sneaker exhibit

Brooklyn Museum Set To Open Sneaker Culture Exhibit

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Fri, 03.06.15 at 11:01am

If you thought sneaker culture had reaching a boiling point already, the Brooklyn Museum is opening an exhibit later this year dedicated to the rise of sneaker culture. From July 10th through October 4th, visitors can look over the exhibit ...

nyt hip hop

Charting Hip-Hop’s Relationship With High-Fashion

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Fri, 03.06.15 at 10:43am

The man himself, Jon Caramanica, checks in with a reverential and personal look at how hip-hop has evolved and become close friends with high-fashion for T Magazine. Jon is perhaps the perfect person to write a piece like this—he’s a ...


Struggle Ezra Koenig

Written by
Thu, 03.05.15 at 4:34pm

Do you have a huge, slightly oversized cardigan yet? What the fuck are you even doing, fam? It’s almost like you realized that winter is almost over and spending 305 Euros on a wool cardigan might be a little misguided. ...


One Of The World’s Most Famous Hat Companies Is Pretty Much Done For

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Thu, 03.05.15 at 4:02pm

Reuters is reporting that one of the world’s most famous milliners (that’s what pretentious dicks call “hatmakers”), Borsalino, is in deep financial trouble. This isn’t “oh, they’ve been around forever, they’ll be alright” type of financial trouble either. Borsalino looks ...


70 Works For Your Bedside Table

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Thu, 03.05.15 at 3:45pm

You guys gotta own more art books. That’s just a fact. And no, buying used, fucked up copies of old museum souvenir books from used book stores does not count. Seventy Works by Noah Davis has what I’m assuming to ...


Reigning Champ Spring/Summer 2015 Actually Uses Sweats Athletically

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Thu, 03.05.15 at 3:09pm

Under the guise of supreme comfort, sweatpants have reached the mainstream and people are actually wearing them to their “real” jobs and not just, like, to Complex HQ. Granted, this garment was first used not for excessive lounging, but rather ...