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It’s Not Your Fault You Look Like A Serial Killer

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Wed, 02.25.15 at 2:12pm

I always think of Blade Runner when I see translucent overlays, like the one on this matching Thom Brown hoodie and sweats set. It;s basically a regular ass Thom Browne, but with a translucent nylon ripstop fabric overlay. That is ...


BEAMS Plus Spring/Summer 2015 Submits To The Ridiculousness

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Wed, 02.25.15 at 1:55pm

Have you seen a happier model than the dude right here posting up all jovial like for BEAMS PLus? I didn’t think so. Homie is so jazzed up. It’s like he has a personal Tumblr dedicated solely to BEAMS and ...

sneaker seizure

More Than $1 Million In Counterfeit Sneakers Destroyed In The Philippines

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Wed, 02.25.15 at 1:29pm

As your regular source for all things counterfeit and knock-off, we’re here to bring you another installment of that fake shit. We could do a TON of these for sure. There are counterfeit rings all around the world that pray ...


The Man Who Resold The World

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Wed, 02.25.15 at 12:58pm

He took a short drag of his cigarette. Tenderly, like a first sip of coffee when it’s kicking off steam. “A, B, C,” he said. “Always. Be. Closing. Like Glengarry Glen Ross, fam.” “Doesn’t everyone die at the end of ...


Rick Owens On His Adidas Springblades

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Wed, 02.25.15 at 12:36pm

Rick Owens knows how to provoke. Last month, the California-born, Paris-based designer walked a bunch of half nude male models down the Paris runway. Since partnering with Adidas, he’s also challenged convention in the sneaker world. In Owen’s Spring/Summer 2015 collaboration ...


Under The #Influence With Four Pins

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Wed, 02.25.15 at 11:50am

The resident swaglords of Four Pins school you on the basics of the alphet-bet. ...

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Gratuitous Use Of The Eggplant Emoji

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Wed, 02.25.15 at 11:40am

Are you tired of Timberland boots yet? Have the past two years not informed you that they’re back “in,” like, super hard? Maybe you’ve noticed, but just haven’t taken part in the revolution, or maybe you’re the exact opposite, buying ...

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Raf Simons Stars In Upcoming Dior And I Documentary

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Wed, 02.25.15 at 11:10am

Fashion documentaries are typically some of the best and most interesting. The visuals and coverage surrounding the topic at hand are so well done and in-depth that you leave with a newfound sense of respect and admiration for what is ...


The Garment District Journal

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 5:00pm

The Garment District Journal is the latest project from Nepenthes. A seasonal publication, the first issue has an interview with Jeremy Lewis, an editorial by longtime Nepenthes crew member JIMA and some other stuff you can read about on Nepenthes’ ...


Retaining Your Sense Of Superiority

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Tue, 02.24.15 at 3:54pm

I love over-sized, contrast buttons like these. Shout out to Creep for continually making singular garments that I never think about, but constantly want after seeing them. This waffle coverall is pretty simple and isn’t that different from the work ...