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Buying Things To Mask The Haunting Despair That Follows You Wherever You Go

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Thu, 04.16.15 at 12:40pm

Arpenteur is one of those brands that I always come thisfuckingclose to purchasing, but then don’t because I remember that life in general is just a constant withdrawal from my ever dwindling checking account and I need things like heat ...

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The Entire Sexy History Of Calvin Klein In Three Minutes

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Thu, 04.16.15 at 12:22pm

Fast Company continues to bang out quick history videos about iconic fashion brands that give you the insight you want to know, but are too lazy to actually find on the Internet for yourself. It’s super convenient for flexing your ...


Thinking About A Garment’s Future

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Thu, 04.16.15 at 11:57am

This Casely Hayford jacket has three layers. That’s a lot of layers for those of you keeping score at home. Make sure you buy this coach’s-jacket-on-top-of-a-bomber-jacket-on-top-of-a-cotton-poplin-shirt before summer really hits. Or not. This jacket is the perfect spring and fall ...

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Introducing Sunnei

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Thu, 04.16.15 at 11:32am

I found Sunnei on the ‘Gram a few weeks ago. While I’d previously never heard of it, I scrolled through the feed to see what was up. There was nothing overly shocking or monumental, but the consistency and adherence to ...

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Kanye West Is One Of Time’s “100 Most Influential People”

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Thu, 04.16.15 at 11:00am

Time released its annual list of the “100 Most Influential People” this morning and our one true god, Kanye West, made an appearance. This comes almost 10 years since he first covered Time back in 2005 as “Hip-Hop’s Class Act,” ...


Four Pins Presents Honest Unboxings: Hender Scheme “Air Jordan IV”

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Thu, 04.16.15 at 10:30am

A Four Pins original video series. ...

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The True Color Of The Universe

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Wed, 04.15.15 at 4:25pm

This is an indigo-dyed sweatshirt, one of roughly four million I’ve showed you guys in the past few years. I like ‘em a lot because indigo is the true color of the universe. My girlfriend’s best friend realized I went ...

rick owens

Rick Owens Talks Controversy (And His New Marble Toilet)

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Wed, 04.15.15 at 3:52pm

Rick Owens is no stranger to creating waves in fashion. His look alone is a divisive oneā€”black, drapey and progressively different from any other designer’s, but you already knew that. Even his shows are polarizing and, if not actually controversial, ...


You Guys Do Realize Baggy Pants Are More Comfortable, Right?

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Wed, 04.15.15 at 3:12pm

Fatigue pants are the fucking truth. They’re baggy, comfortable and just straight up easy breezy for the coming humidity. I still see a lot of tight ass pants on dudes and, don’t get me wrong, do you, but you guys ...

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Greats x Only Is Classy

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Wed, 04.15.15 at 2:36pm

We don’t usually write about Greats, but this collaboration with New York streetwear brand Only is on point. It’s super clean, coming in black calf and off white nubuck with the always necessary gum sole. Do you understand just how ...