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The Fuccboi Field Guide

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 12:28pm

You want to know what happened here? The full Behind the Music treatment? I’ll give you that shit. “The Fuccboi Field Guide” was a story that was thrown around in a meeting with Lawrence, Jian and myself, like, six months ...


ASAIGSM = As Soon As I Get Some Money

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 11:51am

I’m not so sure that these zip shawl shirts are an actual clothing genre, but goddamn if Our Legacy isn’t dominating the fuck out of this very specific category of garment. This particular take is done up in a washed ...


Remembering Mitch Hedberg On The 10th Anniversary Of His Death

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 11:39am

Mitch Hedberg died 10 years ago today. His drug-induced death looms over most conversations about his career. That’s not uncommon. There’s a familiar ease with which we flock to the young, brilliant and dead. They leave behind finite bodies of ...

asap rocky

A$AP Rocky Takes Full Credit For Hood By Air, Completely Dismisses Been Trill

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 11:13am

In the April/May issue of Complex, cover star A$AP Rocky talks about his love life, his new, hotly-anticipated album, At.Long.Last.A$AP, the tragic passing of A$AP Yams and, most importantly for our line of work, Hood By Air and Been Trill. He ...

yoox net a porter 2

So Now Yoox Is In Talks To Buy Net-a-Porter

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 10:43am

After reports last week that Amazon was in talks to acquire Net-a-Porter and its subsidiaries, news has come to light that the bargain bin of the high-fashion world, Yoox, is really, actually, totally looking at buying Net-a-Porter. In contrast to ...


New York City Street Style: March 30, 2015

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Mon, 03.30.15 at 10:24am

George Elder shoots NYC's most stylish. ...


Commiserating About Your Job

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Fri, 03.27.15 at 4:32pm

visvim is so fucking detail oriented they named this work coat the “Wabash Travail Coverall.” Um, travail, famotron? Seriously? Painful or laborious effort? You guys know the travails of a freelance internet writer are so onerous. I gotta click on ...

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Tim Blanks Has Zingers For Days

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Fri, 03.27.15 at 3:50pm

If you’re among the society of dorks that follows Fashion Month like a devoted fanboy, then you’ve likely come across the short video recaps that Tim Blanks does for Style Dot Com. They’re amazing. And, because they’re amazing, the site ...


The Price Of Being Cool And Stylish

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Fri, 03.27.15 at 3:22pm

This Public School French terry cotton sweatshirt is like a steezy straight jacket. You know, minus the part about wrapping your sleeves around your body to render you immobile. So, yeah, I guess it’s really just a sweatshirt with a ...


Life Is Still All Good

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Fri, 03.27.15 at 2:30pm

ROBERT GELLER, YOU REALLY ARE MY BEST FRIEND. Do you guys have best friend fan fiction with some of your favorite designers that you publish on a fairly popular website? That’s how you become an #influencer. Anyways, this jacket is ...