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Thom Browne Continues To Be The Man

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Wed, 03.18.15 at 12:11pm

Thom Browne’s clothing may be some of the most divisive in menswear. The shrunken, cropped suit jackets, the trousers that are closer to the wearer’s calves than ankles, the perhaps ostentatious four stripe branding and aggressive pricing are all points ...


Literally Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Birkenstocks

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Wed, 03.18.15 at 11:59am

In a way that only The New Yorker can, we get a story about the entire history of Birkenstock. If you’re a nerd wondering why no one has written 5,000 words about the foundation, evolution and comeback of Birks, along with the revelation that Germany is ...

LVMH prize

LVMH Announces The Young Fashion Designer Prize Finalists

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Wed, 03.18.15 at 10:53am

With fashion awards season upon us and the CFDA finalists announced yesterday, this morning LVMH announced the eight finalists for the Young Fashion Designer Prize pared down from the 26 on the shortlist a couple weeks ago. Yes, everyone’s favorite, Virgil ...


Completely Unnecessary Hangers More Expensive Than The Clothes You’ll Put On Them

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Tue, 03.17.15 at 4:55pm

What’s your closet situation look like? How many dry cleaner wire hangers do you have holding up your shirts? Do you even have a closet or are you forced to put everything in a dresser where they’re hidden from nosy ...


Looking Like A Picasso

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Tue, 03.17.15 at 4:37pm

SASQUATCHfabrix makes this twisted hoody. I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of you aren’t really feeling the high af twisted sweatshirt aesthetic. Well, I’m gone off that loud, so I can’t hear you. I want to buy this ...

instagram cfda

Even Instagram Is Receiving A CFDA Award

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Tue, 03.17.15 at 4:07pm

Were you not included on this year’s list of nominees for the CFDA Awards that came out this morning? Same. What a fucking bummer. Well, get prepared to feel even worse because we forgot to mention that Instagram—yes, just, like, ...


Discerning Good Looking Clavicles From Regular Looking Clavicles

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Tue, 03.17.15 at 3:38pm

There are a lot of ways to make this Proper Gang crew a lot more easy, breezy, beautiful cover girl thanks to a shoulder zipper, snaps at the wrist and buttons on the side vents. I wouldn’t recommend wearing this ...


Komakino Spring/Summer 2015 Unites Us All Under One Lifestyle

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Tue, 03.17.15 at 2:24pm

The word “Komakino” is a weird one. It was coined as a Joy Division song, right? Like, no one had ever used that word before then? Now, there are a bunch of things named after a Joy Division song that ...


I Am The Captain Now

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Tue, 03.17.15 at 1:55pm

You guys tired of long shirts yet? Guess what? You’re powerless to stop me from posting long shirts ad infinitum. The only people who can stop me are Skylar and Lawrence and, let’s be honest, they’ve been asleep at the ...

front row

The Evolution Of Fashion’s Front Row

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Tue, 03.17.15 at 1:36pm

With more and more celebrities showing up to fashion shows than ever before, the coveted front row spots are no longer just for industry insiders. Athletes, musicians and movie stars are in attendance for whatever reason, from contract obligations to ...